Other Government Resources

NORTH STAR BOOD EXCHANGE: Free books are available in the Town Hall Lobby, Saturdays 9am – Noon, during Recycling hours. Donations of general fiction and nonfiction books that may be of interest to a general public are welcome.

BRUSH PILE: The Township Fire EMS Department maintains a location for woody brush FOR USE ONLY BY NORTH STAR PROPERTY OWNERS, located on the west side of Pequaywan Lake Road, approximately one mile south of the Town Hall. Contact members of the Fire EMS Department to borrow the gate key. NO TRASH OR NON-WOODY MATERIAL ALLOWED.

ROAD MAINTENANCE: East and West Briar Lake Roads are maintained by North Star Township. Contact Town Supervisors with concerns about E and W Briar Lake Road. St Louis County maintains Pequaywan Lake Rd. (Hwy 44), Barrs Lake Rd., Fox Farm Rd. and Alarm Rd. Other roads within the Township are locally maintained.

TOWN HALL FACILITIES: The North Star Town Hall may be reserved for meetings and folding tables and chairs are available to borrow. Contact the Town Clerk at clerkmaryh@gmail.com or call 218-260-0543

NORTH STAR ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE: North Star Township has instituted an Animal Control Ordinance specifying that pet owners must be responsible for their pet’s health and welfare on and off their property and that owners will provide humane and appropriate care, control and training. Owners must comply with the animal welfare and control regulations of St Louis County (see Chapter 16, Resolution 67-158) and the State of Minnesota Statute 347.50.

Information resources from county, state and federal government websites

In general, North Star Township relies on county and state programs for various landuse and other permitting, property valuation, licensing, and other regulations.

Here are a few additional government links.


St Louis County, MN https://www.stlouiscountymn.gov

Building Permits –


Call Before You Dig http://gopherstateonecall.org

Invasive Species Information https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/invasives/index.html

Burning Permits –

Well Records –

Minnesota Laws –

Minnesota Rules –