2022 February Board Meeting Minutes

2022 February Minutes



ATTENDING – Supervisor Gary Mantay, Supervisor Jan Keough, Supervisor Dick Dillon, Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Clerk Mary Hellman. Guests Marv Forbragd, Sue Forbragd, Ray Barnes, Deb Pomroy  

CALL TO ORDER – Gary Mantay

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Recited by all present.

MINUTES APPROVAL – Motion to accept January 2022 Minutes after corrections was made by Dick, seconded by Jan. All ayes.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Motion to accept Payroll and Claims made by Dick, second by Gary. Vote: Dick – aye, Gary – aye, Jan – aye.

TRANSFER – Donna reported the Transfer amount of $8,915.37 was for checks #8337-8350 and 020122 – 020211. Jan made a motion to accept the transfer amount, Gary seconds. Vote: Jan – aye, Gary – aye, Dick -aye.


February 2022 Financial Report

 Donna and Mary attended the MAT Clerk/Treasurer Class in St. Michael, MN on Jan 25th  

The Audit Meeting was held on Friday, January 28th, at 1:00 pm at the NS Hall. Minutes available.

The Budget Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 8th, at 6:30 pm at the NS Hall. Minutes available.

Credit Card updates done.  Online banking is intact and all accounts are linked. Got a second bill from CLP so gave card information again to Sherri F. in the CLP office.   

Annual Town Meeting and Election Signs are hung, thanks to Dick and Gary, and to Bob A. for plowing out the Barrs Lake Community Events board.  Absentee Ballot Info is posted on the Hall, Alden, and Briar Lk Boards.

Board of Appeal and Equalization Review, Tentative Date: May 10, 2022 at 3-4 pm


St. Louis County Association of Townships, next membership meeting is in-person in Cotton

Duluth Area Townships – any interest in re-joining this group? ($100/yr) Next meeting 3-17-22 at Rice Lake City Hall.

Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS)

All correspondence was reviewed, no motions made at this time.

FIRE/EMS – Gary reported the FD had a training meeting during the last department meeting. 

An EMS First Responder Refresher Course is scheduled for February 19-20, 2022 at the hall for 20 hours.

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported that the bulbs have been replaced in the furnace room.  One of the tiles in the women’s bathroom was also fixed.


ROADS – Gary said the roads continue to be white and slippery.  

WEBPAGE REPORT Jan stated that Lee Kaplan from the Website will need a CC to bill for regular expenses.  Mary had received an email regarding this also and has called Lee and provided the CC number for this use. 

E NEWSLETTER – Current letter was sent out January 30th.  It included news such as the township election, FD information and recycling updates.



Weed Report – Jan.  Dick had talked with Tim Walters to see if he had followed up on the noxious weed reporting.  He was communicating with EDDMapS and the DNR. 

Deb Pomroy said at the meeting that there was still only one report on the web site.    


ARPA Funds Treasurer Donna has spoken with MATT lawyer regarding the process of handling ARPA funds. A resolution was created:

Now therefore be it resolved, that the Town will use ARPA funds to pay for the provision of government services in 2022 as part of lost revenue replacement. Project #2022. Jan made a motion to accept the resolution, Dick, seconds. Discussion followed. Vote: Jan – aye, Dick- aye, Gary – aye.

Donna created a ARPA Fund totransfer the amount of $10,600.38 from where it was held in the General Fund.  A motion was made by Dick, second by Jan to make this transfer of funds. Vote: Dick – aye, Jan – aye, Gary – aye.



Annual Town Election March 8th from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. at the North Star Hall

Annual Town Meeting March 8th to follow election at 8:15 pm, same location.

Re-Organizational Town Meeting March 15 (to precede the Board Meeting at 6:30 pm)

NEXT BOARD MEETING – March 15, 2022, to follow right after the Re-organizational Meeting

ADJOURNMENT – Motion by Gary to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 pm, seconded by Dick. All ayes.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Mary Hellman, Clerk