2021 June Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR               

June 21, 2021

CALL TO ORDER  Supervisor Gary Mantay called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Those attending;  Supervisor Dick Dillon, Janet Keough, Treasurer Ray Barnes, Clerk Carrie Landman and resident Linda Britton.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – all present recited the pledge.

MINUTES APPROVAL – Jan makes a motion to approve as amended, Dick second. All in favor Jan aye, Dick aye, Gary aye

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS Jan motion, Dick second, Jan aye, Gary aye, Dick aye.

June 2021 Accounts Summary

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer from savings  $2732.44 to checking for checks 8227 – 8235, 060121 and 060221.  Jan makes a motion to approve, Dick second.  Jan aye, Gary aye, Dick aye.



  1. a Minnesota Tax Court ruled that local governments in 13 Northern Minnesota Counties (including Townships in St. Louis County) must repay Enbridge Energy for over-taxation caused by the State Department of Revenue’s errors in valuing Enbridge’s property. The over-valuations reach as far back as 2012, so local governments received and spent the funds long before the tax case arose. Making the situation worse, the amounts owed are subject to compounding interest. Townships, cities, counties, and school districts in these 13 areas will need to raise local tax levies to repay the amounts owed, while also trying to provide for their current needs. Many townships cannot manage this without help from the State. https://mntownships.org/alert/  
  2. St. Louis County has expanded its online permitting options to now include septic system permits. The newly launched online septic permitting system allows contractors and homeowners to fill out the application, provide any necessary attachments and submit payment – all online. It can be accessed at stlouiscountymn.gov/septic.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Fire Chief Rory reported that it has been quiet.  Training with the truck/relay pumping.  Pequaywan assisted.  Training on how to keep the truck full and not run out of water.  Gary says that EMR training is going to start on 7/15/2021 sponsored by someone from the Cloquet fire department.  10 hands on classes Thursday nights 6-10 at Fredenberg Fire Hall.  $700 per student which is 50% less than Mayo.  North Star hopes to send two volunteers.   Air Craft Response Training/Cirrus/North Star resident Elgin Miller pending further information.  Request from company that NS bought the new fire truck from to ‘borrow’ it and display at a Fire Chiefs annual conference at the DECC in October. Concerns include:  How long would it be out of service, how much needs to be taken off the truck.  Jan makes a motion to authorize the Fire Chief to lend the truck if the conditions are reasonable, Dick seconds the motion.  Take a vote Gary aye, Jan aye, Dick aye

MAINTENANCE – Dick talked to the new weed inspector who will contact Deb.  Resident Linda Britton asked about the lawn service at the Hall.  Gary has talked to the service and it will be mowed. 

RECYCLING – WLSSD grant check received and deposited on 6/15/2021 in the amount of $4080.49. 

ROAD – Briar Lake Drive has been graded both west and east sides.

WEBPAGE REPORT  Current website is difficult to post data because it requires coding prior to posting.Jan and Carrie met with Pequaywan residents Lee, Daisy and Lita.  User interface used for posting minutes, PDF’s Excel files and pictures very simple to use.  However, there is significant setup involved including hosting the service on a Cloud server.  Discuss contracting with a local business, Faster Solutions, who provides these services to business and potentially at a reduced cost for non-profits.  Jan makes motion that North Star investigate Faster Solutions who would host the software, trouble shoot, manage updates and find out if they setup the WordPress software.  Dick seconds the motion.  All in favor, Dick aye, Gary aye, Janet aye.

COMMUNICATION REPORT  –  Newsletter ideas for the August newsletter:  picture of Linda Britton’s retirement plaque, thank you for service.  CLP Internet service discontinued 9/1/2021/options for other service providers.  Pancake Breakfast canceled for 2021.  Jan will send ideas. 

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Posting for Treasurer.  W2 discrepancy for 2019 not yet completed/filed.   Will complete by 7/1/2021.  Printer for Town Hall update.  Nick Rovenko, mowing confirmed.  Annual meeting 2022 levy approved.

NEW BUSINESS –  Jan raises the question about what to do about Internet at the Town Hall.  The Fire Department needs internet access.  Discussion about AT&T hotspot and Ray reports that both the Fire and Town Hall has a booster antenna which facilitates wireless connection. It would need to be a Hotspot only because the Hall doesn’t have a cell phone.  Rory reports they stream videos which will be under consideration when selecting a plan.  Carrie to investigate an AT&T hotspot plan before the July meeting.   

REVIEW OF DUTIES –  Carrie to file the prewritten advocacy message for the Town of North Star, investigate the AT&T hotspot, Jan to provide newsletters, Jan & Carrie to explore Faster Solutions option for website.


NEXT MEETING      July 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm – Town Hall Dick makes a motion to change the meeting to change the next board meeting to July 12, 2021 at 6:30 pm.,  Jan seconds.  Take a vote, Jan aye, Dick aye, Gary aye

ADJOURNMENT  –  Jan makes a motion to adjourn, Dick seconds, Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk