2021 May Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR               

May 17, 2021

CALL TO ORDER  Gary called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Present Gary Mantay, Janet Keough, Dick Dillon, Carrie Landman, Raymond Barnes. 


MINUTES APPROVAL Dick motion, Jan second.  All in favor, aye.  Reorg minutes approved. Dick motion, Jan approve, all in favor aye.   Dick aye, Gay aye, Jan aye


May 2021 Accounts Summary

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer from savings  $3,261.53 to checking for checks 8218 – 8226, 050121 and 050221.  Jan made a motion to approve, Dick approved, all in favor aye, Dick aye, Gary aye, Janet aye.

COMMENTS FROM CLERK OR TREASURER – No comments from the Carrie.  Ray verified that the Money Market account minimum at SCCU is $2500.  Ray has tried to contact Towanna but has not been able to reach her.  Ray would like to have someone take the Treasurer position by Fall.  Discussion to be continued. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT Rory reported there have been three different fire calls since 5/12.  Initial call was off the Normanna Rd and involved 12 different departments, SLC Emergency management, Sheriff.  Rory reported it    Second call, someone in NS was burning trash and the field caught on fire.  Barr Lake, campfire took off.  Rory recommends no burning in the Township. Carrie to ask Mike to put it on the website.  Department completed their CPR training, 2 year required refresher course, 19 people attended.  Continue with more training, sending 2 or 3 people through EMR courses in the near future.  Will be at MAYO Ambulance in West Duluth. The new truck is working great and pumped roughly 5000 gallons of water on one call.

Jan reports there is a lot of information about the American Rescue Plan – how the funds will be distributed are yet to be determined but could be more flexible than CARES.  League of MN Cities is having a webinar on 5/18/2021.  Jan will attend.  Rory suggests using medical coats.  AFG (Assistance Grant is unlikely.)

MAINTENANCE – Dick has an applicant for the Weed Inspector position.  Gary makes a motion to offer candidate $30.00 per hour for the first year 20- 25 hours per year.  Jan seconds the motion.  All in favor, aye. Dick aye, Gary aye, Janet aye.

RECYCLING – Jan reported that the WLSSD Grant application was approved for 2021.  Jan and Carrie signed and mailed it and the check should be coming.

ROAD – Road hasn’t been grated yet because of the fire conditions, dust, potential sparks.  Mosquito Squad will begin spraying in June, receipt is pending.   

WEBPAGE REPORT  Discussion about the North Star website and ease of use.  Jan suggests looking into a different platform .  Town of Pequaywan uses Go Daddy which is $114 a year.  Justification would be fire updates as the other Townships are doing at this time.  Jan will schedule a meeting Lee Kaplan and Daisy Wallace at Pequaywan to review that platform. 

COMMUNICATION REPORT  –  1st edition of North Star News was sent on 5/13/2021 to 54 recipients! 31 opens!  Next Newsletter in August/annual meeting notes, possible Pancake Breakfast on Labor Day.


  1. 2020 receipts for Annual meeting – attached
  2. 2020 expenses for Annual meeting – attached
  3. Update on DS200
  4. March 2021 Reorg
  5. 2019 W2 and SS reconciliation work in progress
    1. Carrie reported that she found the discrepancy on one of Board members W2 where Medicare wages weren’t reported causing the W2/W3 filing to be incorrect.  Carrie has to re-file corrected W2 and W3.
  6. MAT Webinar on American Rescue Plan Funds postponed to 5/18/2021 at 2 – 3


  1. 2021 Annual Meeting posting – attached
  2. Nick Rovenko contacted Gary today about mowing.  Dick makes a motion to have Nick do the lawn maintenance at 15.00 per hour.   Jan second.  All in favor aye.  Dick aye, Janet aye, Gary aye. 
  3. Carrie reported that she has accepted a full-time position and may not be able to respond to your calls/emails or texts until evening.
  4. Annual Meeting discussion will be held in the Hall.  Retirement Recognition planning.
  5. Town Hall needs a new laser printer, Dick makes a motion that Carrie purchase a new printer for Township business, copy/print/WIFI – don’t need a scanner. Jan second, all in favor aye.  Dick aye, Gary aye, Janet aye.

REVIEW OF DUTIES –  Jan meeting Carrie, Daisy, Lee, Jan website.  Dick will talk to the Weed Inspector candidate.  Gary will talk to Nick about lawn maintenance and order a retirement plaque.  Carrie to touch base with Towanna, find and purchase a new printer for the Hall. Jan will attend the webinar on 5/18 for the American Rescue Plan funds. 

UPCOMING EVENTS Annual meeting June 8, 2021 7 pm

NEXT MEETING      June 21, 2021 at 6:30 pm – Town Hall

ADJOURNMENT  –  Jan motion to adjourn, Gary second.  All in favor aye.  Dick aye, Gary aye, Linda aye.

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk