2021 March 15 / Reorg Meeting

Town of North Star

Reorganizational Meeting

March 15, 2021

Chairperson Janet Keough called the reorganizational meeting to order at 7:09 pm on March 15, 2021 via conference call.  Board members present were supervisors Dick Dillon, Janet Keough, and Gary Mantay, treasurer Ray Barnes,  clerk Carrie Landman and Deb Pomroy.

The following board positions will be chair Gary, vice chair Dick , maintenance Dick, Jan recycling, road Gary, deputy clerk Sue Forbragd, and deputy treasurer Towanna Rovenko. A motion by Dick second by Gary, Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye to approve the board positions.  Motion carried.  Carrie Landman will continue as the clerk.  Vote: Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Motion carried.

Dick motion to continue the pay as last year, Jan second the motion, to approve the following board pay for the coming year: supervisors $150.00, clerk $225.00, Treasurer $225.00, outside meetings $100.00 extra work over the normal five-hour work per month pays $20 per hour, communications $23 per hour, deputy clerk and treasurer half of clerk and treasurer pay, and mileage $.56. 

Election judge pay:  $12.50 per hour, recycling pay: $15 per hour, custodian pay: $15 per hour, and the weed inspector $15 per hour not to exceed $150 for the year.  Mileage to be paid at $0.56 per mile. Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.   Motion carried. 

Motion by Jan, second by Dick to continue board meetings on the third Monday of the month except January and February it will be the third Tuesday with all meetings beginning at 6:30 pm.  Vote:  Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Motion carried.

The township posting places will be at the town hall, Alden Lake Road, Briar and Barrs Lake, and Northwoods Lane and Superior Choice will continue to be the township bank. Jan motion, Dick second.  Jan aye, Gary aye, Dick aye.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk