2021 March Town Board Meeting and Reorg. Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR                New Phone Number  425-436-6362   Access Code:  3839349#

March 15, 2021

CALL TO ORDER –  Supervisor Jan Keough called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm – those in attendance are Supervisors Janet Keough, Gary Mantay and Dick Dillon, Treasurer Ray Barnes,  Clerk Carrie Landman and Deb Pomroy. 

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance

MINUTES APPROVAL – Gary makes a motion to approve with minor corrections, Dick second, Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye to approve the February minutes with the minor edits.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Dick motion, Gary second, Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye to approve the financial reports.

March 2021 Accounts Summary

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer $3980.33 from savings to checking for checks 8190 – 8201, 030121 and 030221.  Motion to approve Gary, Dick second, vote Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye.


  1. Ray said the Office of the State Auditor – additional 2020 Year End Financial Report/was redundant with information submitted by Linda Britton on 2/1/2021.
  2. Notary – exficio not public – $120 filing fee for either exficio or public notary.   Is this something you want the Clerk to have?  Jan thinks it would be nice, Gary thinks it’s not necessary for the residents unless we charge for it as they have options at their individual banks.  Dick would like to table until an open monthly meeting for further discussion. 
  3. Lien release requested and received for 2007 Freightliner fire truck.   Lien holder Kansas City removed from MATIT Commercial Insurance.  Paperwork including lien release stored in fireproof safe.
  4. SLC deposit – foreclosure land apportionment – $1,252.29 – March
  5. Clerk Q1 reports due in April
    • 941 2021 Q1 federal tax
    • 2021 Q1 MN Unemployment filing


Carrie requests clarification on what types of correspondence to include in monthly meeting agenda.  Confirmation from Board to only include correspondence that requires a Board response.  Informational correspondence forwarded by email prior to the meeting does not need to be included.

  1. St Louis County Board of Adjustment meeting – March 11, 2021 at 10 for Peggy Kuettel variance
  2. Dept of Revenue 2020 Production Tax Payments & Distribution – North Star not included FYI only
  3. Inquiry from Casey Sunshine Duluth Township/former deputy clerk Normanna.  Digitize files.  Hourly – open to salary.  Comments from the Board, Dick and Gary have no interest at this time and Jan recommends keeping her name in the file in case we have a future need. 
  4. MATIT Legislative Policies Resolutions & Advocacy Guide – at the Hall in the Supervisor folder
  5. Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Association of Minnesota – Annual Meeting Notice – conference is canceled but the Benefit is from 10 – 11 Saturday April 24, 2021.  Financial statement and minutes – in the Supervisor folder
  6. MATIT  Spring Short Course Information and Registration email – FYI
    1. Jan inquired whether Clerk would take them
  7. Jackie Dolentzj Duluth Public Schools questions regarding School Board elections: primary 8/10 and General 11/2
    • Is it okay if Duluth handles the absentee ballot process again this year?  Board confirmed yes.
    • Will North Star hand count ballots?  Board confirmed yes.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Gary reported that the fire department resumed having meetings last week, another one is scheduled for March 17th and then every other week.  No calls since last month.

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported an issue with the furnace in the Hall and Gary found someone to temporarily fix it but it will be fixed completelyand an invoice will be sent upon completion.

RECYCLING  – Jan reported all is going well.

ROAD – Gary reported the roads have turned from white and slippery brown, muddy and slippery

WEBPAGE REPORT   Website is up to date on monthly minutes and Carrie has been replaced as clerk on the Staff page in response to resident Linda Britton raised during the beginning of the Annual Meeting on March 9th.

COMMUNICATION REPORT  – Carrie to select and start working on an email service provider and enewsletter to residents.  Print copies?  Jan said it would be great to send an enewsletter mid-April with election results, annual meeting continuation, broadband.  Jan suggests posting print copies at the Hall, Briar and Alden lake rather than mailing, Gary no comment at this time, Dick agrees.  Carrie suggests a waterproof receptacle at the Hall for people to take.  Dick suggests posting a notice at the Hall with information that they can take one from the Hall.  Jan suggests only a few and B&W only.  10 copies. 

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Review financial report for Annual Meeting in June  Jan asked Carrie to prepare this report for the 2021 Annual Meeting and would like to review while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind.  Jan felt we should provide more detail to the citizens rather than General, Fire and Road Bridge gross funds.  Dick and Gary agree the report is fine.  Jan would also like to list the 2020 receipts for transparency and include some of the one-time only receipts so the residents can see where the money comes from. 

Ray confirmed that Rory sent a thank you to CLP for the fire turnout gear grant.  CLP meeting was the week of March 8th and they acknowledged the thank you.  Rory will send pictures of the volunteers in the new gear and send to CLP.  Jan asked when we could apply for additional funds and Ray confirmed it’s annual and we can apply again in September 2021.


  1. Reorganization meeting – see additional March 2021 Reorganizational Meeting final
  2. Sue Forbragd would like the Township to purchase a vacuum so she doesn’t have to bring her personal vacuum.  Dick makes a motion for Sue purchase what she needs under $200, Gary second provided she can make the purchase otherwise a Supervisor will purchase.  Vote Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Motion carries.
  3. When to resume monthly meetings at the Hall. Dick makes a motion resume monthly meetings at the Hall for the May meeting with some restrictions, Board at the table with social distancing and anyone else that attends in chairs as far out and into the fire hall.  People required to wear masks.  Dick also requires a posting at the door and if feeling sick don’t come in.  Could take temperatures as the Fire Department has the device.  Gary second the motion.  Discussion – Ray has no problem in May, Carrie commented that if proper social distancing rules and masks are required, she would attend the an in-person meeting as it’s part of her job as it would be in a public/private sector position.   Current state guidelines to be followed.  Jan suggests voting and creating a posting to review in April. Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye
  4. Carrie to research and contact vendor for the ballot counter to check the machine and provide training.

REVIEW OF DUTIES –  Carrie:  create a Q1 Township enewsletter, create a posting regarding resuming meetings at the Hall with May, create 2020 payments report for the Annual Meeting in June.


NEXT MEETING      April 19, 2021 at 6:30 pm

ADJOURNMENT   Jan makes a motion to adjourn at 7:32 pm, second Gary.  Dick aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk