CALL TO ORDER, WELCOME, AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Jan called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. All attending recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attending:  Supervisors Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Gary Mantay; Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Deputy Treasurer Ray Barnes, Fire chief Rory Blazevic, Deputy Clerk Mary Hellman acting for Clerk Jenae Pitoscia. Guests Denise Anderson, Carolyn Haney, and Mike Siers.

AUGUST 2023 MINUTES APPROVAL – Dick made a MOTION to accept the AUGUST 2023 Minutes, Gary seconded. All in favor, all ayes.Motion approved.


REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – After review,Dick made MOTION to approve to approve the August payroll and claims, Jan seconded.  Dick, aye: Jan, aye; Gary, aye. Motion approved.

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks:  Amount -$984.60, EFT $54.00, Checks – #8617 -8625.

TRANSFER FUNDS FROM PREVIOUS BANK TO NEW BANK – Dick made a MOTION to transfer the funds, Gary seconded. Vote: Dick: aye, Gary: aye, Jan; aye. Motion approved.


  • North Star Township has officially changed to National Bank of Commerce in Hermantown and funds will be transferred from previous Credit Union.
  • Email addresses are being updated for the new clerk, Jenae, to receive all township clerk communication in the email system and a “general g-mails address” will be created for the clerk’s position.
  • The snow plow application for the township road is complete and has been submitted to St. Louis County.
  • Ken Rovenko will be an employee of the township to mow the lawn and weed whip rather than being contracted (as he will use the township equipment).
  • The DNR has sent out an invitation to North Star to provide a well water test at the hall at no cost.  The board approved this.  Contact person will be Gary.


ELECTION UPDATE – Mary reported North Star Precinct will be participating in the November 7, 2023 School District 709 General Elections. Voting will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Hall. North Star will also be hosting the Unorganized Precinct 23. Election Judges will be assigned and voted on at the next township meeting.


  • Resident Rory Blazevic requested Vacating 575 feet of Matson Rd at the end of East

Briar Lake Road; 33 feet on either side.

  • Resident and his wife, Kate, are the property owners on all points that contact this road.

This variance request would not interfere with any access requirements.

  • Certificate of Survey was completed:

Boundary Survey or Lots 24 through 29, Lots 44 through 46, and Lot 49 in the plat of

BRIAR LAKE SHORES THIRD ADDITION In Government Lot 2, Section 15, T. 53 N.

R. 13 W. North Star Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota.

  • Dick made a MOTION to approve the request to vacate 575 feet of Matson Road including 33 feet on either side, Gary seconded. All ayes. Request approved.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory stated that they applied for a grant for $5000 to provide turn out gear and firefighting training for new members. All paperwork is complete.  The FD had pumper training and review for the last FD meeting.

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported that there are some keys still out for the hall to previous members.  It is time to change the locks and keys. Gary made a MOTION to have the hall locks and keys changed and Dick seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion approved.  Dick will call and make an appointment. 

Also, the Generac Generator needs repair.  The Generac repair man comes from Elk River, so Dick will look to find someone closer.

RECYCLING REPORT – Jan reported the dumpsters still have not been moved back off the grass onto the tarred area.  Two locks have been noted missing, so WLSSD has preplaced them.

ROADS – Gary reported Rory graded the township road after Labor Day.  Future road improvements needed are replacing 2 culverts and another project of guard rail poles.  Estimated cost would be $5000, and gravel for the project would be $1000. Gary made a MOTION to have this road work done, seconded by Dick; vote Gary – aye, Dick – aye, Jan – aye. Motion approved.

WEBPAGE REPORT Jan stated the Webpage is up to date and doing well.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Short Term Rentals – The Township has created a survey regarding North Star Township resident’s ideas regarding STRs.  It would be sent to residents and seasonal cabin owners in the township and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to return at no cost to them.  The cost for the township is estimated at $430-440.  Denise suggested placing random numbers on the surveys to ensure that only one survey is returned per owner.  Dick made a MOTION to cover expenses up to $450 to send out the surveys, Gary seconds. Dick – aye, Jan – aye, Gary – aye. Motion approved. Surveys are to be returned by October 15th.

REVIEW OF DUTIES- Dick will call regarding fixing the generator, and change locks and keys at hall. Jan will be sending out STR surveys. Mary will arrange for Election judges for the Nov. 7th School District election.

UPCOMING EVENTS – School Board Elections on November 7, 2023 from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm at town hall.

NEXT BOARD MEETING – October 17th at 6:30 pm at the town hall.

ADJOURNMENT – Dick made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 pm, Gary second.  All ayes.

Respectively submitted,

Mary Hellman, Deputy Clerk,

(standing for Jenae Pitoscia, Clerk)