2023 October Board Meeting 10/17/2023



ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough: Supervisor, Dick Dillon: Supervisor, Gary Mantay: Supervisor, Jenae Pitoscia: Clerk, Mary Hellman: Deputy Clerk, Ray Barnes: Deputy Treasurer, Donna Elsbury: Treasurer

September 2023 MINUTES – Dick made motion to approve September meeting minutes. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $2000.00 out of SCCU to open National Bank of Commerce Accounts. Deposited $1000.00 into checking account and $1000.00 into money market account. Check number 8626. That check number was not included on the claims list from last month. Transfer of $4517.16 Check numbers 8627-8643. PERA EFT $54.00. IRS Quarterly Taxes $750.81. Gary made motion accept transfer of funds totaling $5321.97. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

VOTR: Township is entitled to $13.32 for voting operations technology and election resources. St Louis County would like to hold those funds due to administrating absentee ballots and not charging the township for this service. Dick made motion to allow for funds to stay with St Louis County. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

Town Levy Form: Donna submitted and verified that the form was on time and completed.


Election: Voting ballots and supplies were scheduled to be picked up by Mary.

Election Judges:Ray Barnes, head election judge, Sue Forbrage, Bill Taft, Bob Anderson. Mary will serve as back up. Dick made motion to accept election judges. 2nd Gary. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

RECYCLING: Jan: Dumpsters were put back in original place.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: Nothing to report other than updating information as necessary.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: 2 individuals are going to firefighter 1&2. They should be completed around mid-November.

MAINTENACE: Dick: Replaced thermostat. Locks and keys have been replaced. In communication with Hunt Electric for service on the generator. No date is yet determined on when they will be able to come out.

ROADS- Gary: No updates at this time.


Sick Leave will be provided to employees that work over 80 hours every year. This was determined by a law passed by the State of Minnesota. Will review hours and determine which employees this would apply to. This starts in January 2024.

Broadband: Meeting with Natalie Zaleznikar in regards to broadband in low density areas and determine if grants are available. Board would like to send out a survey to community members and see if there is a want or need to continue pursuing broadband. This would go to only community members with structures on the properties. Dick made motion to put together the broadband survey. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


STR Questionnaires were sent out to 222 community members. 128 have been returned. The results will be entered into a spreadsheet so it can be sorted and data can be easily gathered.


UPCOMING EVENTS – November 7th Election

Next Board Meeting:November 21st

ADJOURNMENT: Jan made motion to adjourn 7:10 PM Gary. 2nd . Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.




CALL TO ORDER, WELCOME, AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Jan called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. All attending recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attending:  Supervisors Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Gary Mantay; Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Deputy Treasurer Ray Barnes, Fire chief Rory Blazevic, Deputy Clerk Mary Hellman acting for Clerk Jenae Pitoscia. Guests Denise Anderson, Carolyn Haney, and Mike Siers.

AUGUST 2023 MINUTES APPROVAL – Dick made a MOTION to accept the AUGUST 2023 Minutes, Gary seconded. All in favor, all ayes.Motion approved.


REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – After review,Dick made MOTION to approve to approve the August payroll and claims, Jan seconded.  Dick, aye: Jan, aye; Gary, aye. Motion approved.

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks:  Amount -$984.60, EFT $54.00, Checks – #8617 -8625.

TRANSFER FUNDS FROM PREVIOUS BANK TO NEW BANK – Dick made a MOTION to transfer the funds, Gary seconded. Vote: Dick: aye, Gary: aye, Jan; aye. Motion approved.


  • North Star Township has officially changed to National Bank of Commerce in Hermantown and funds will be transferred from previous Credit Union.
  • Email addresses are being updated for the new clerk, Jenae, to receive all township clerk communication in the email system and a “general g-mails address” will be created for the clerk’s position.
  • The snow plow application for the township road is complete and has been submitted to St. Louis County.
  • Ken Rovenko will be an employee of the township to mow the lawn and weed whip rather than being contracted (as he will use the township equipment).
  • The DNR has sent out an invitation to North Star to provide a well water test at the hall at no cost.  The board approved this.  Contact person will be Gary.


ELECTION UPDATE – Mary reported North Star Precinct will be participating in the November 7, 2023 School District 709 General Elections. Voting will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm at the Hall. North Star will also be hosting the Unorganized Precinct 23. Election Judges will be assigned and voted on at the next township meeting.


  • Resident Rory Blazevic requested Vacating 575 feet of Matson Rd at the end of East

Briar Lake Road; 33 feet on either side.

  • Resident and his wife, Kate, are the property owners on all points that contact this road.

This variance request would not interfere with any access requirements.

  • Certificate of Survey was completed:

Boundary Survey or Lots 24 through 29, Lots 44 through 46, and Lot 49 in the plat of

BRIAR LAKE SHORES THIRD ADDITION In Government Lot 2, Section 15, T. 53 N.

R. 13 W. North Star Township, St. Louis County, Minnesota.

  • Dick made a MOTION to approve the request to vacate 575 feet of Matson Road including 33 feet on either side, Gary seconded. All ayes. Request approved.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory stated that they applied for a grant for $5000 to provide turn out gear and firefighting training for new members. All paperwork is complete.  The FD had pumper training and review for the last FD meeting.

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported that there are some keys still out for the hall to previous members.  It is time to change the locks and keys. Gary made a MOTION to have the hall locks and keys changed and Dick seconded the motion.  All ayes. Motion approved.  Dick will call and make an appointment. 

Also, the Generac Generator needs repair.  The Generac repair man comes from Elk River, so Dick will look to find someone closer.

RECYCLING REPORT – Jan reported the dumpsters still have not been moved back off the grass onto the tarred area.  Two locks have been noted missing, so WLSSD has preplaced them.

ROADS – Gary reported Rory graded the township road after Labor Day.  Future road improvements needed are replacing 2 culverts and another project of guard rail poles.  Estimated cost would be $5000, and gravel for the project would be $1000. Gary made a MOTION to have this road work done, seconded by Dick; vote Gary – aye, Dick – aye, Jan – aye. Motion approved.

WEBPAGE REPORT Jan stated the Webpage is up to date and doing well.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Short Term Rentals – The Township has created a survey regarding North Star Township resident’s ideas regarding STRs.  It would be sent to residents and seasonal cabin owners in the township and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for them to return at no cost to them.  The cost for the township is estimated at $430-440.  Denise suggested placing random numbers on the surveys to ensure that only one survey is returned per owner.  Dick made a MOTION to cover expenses up to $450 to send out the surveys, Gary seconds. Dick – aye, Jan – aye, Gary – aye. Motion approved. Surveys are to be returned by October 15th.

REVIEW OF DUTIES- Dick will call regarding fixing the generator, and change locks and keys at hall. Jan will be sending out STR surveys. Mary will arrange for Election judges for the Nov. 7th School District election.

UPCOMING EVENTS – School Board Elections on November 7, 2023 from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm at town hall.

NEXT BOARD MEETING – October 17th at 6:30 pm at the town hall.

ADJOURNMENT – Dick made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 pm, Gary second.  All ayes.

Respectively submitted,

Mary Hellman, Deputy Clerk,

(standing for Jenae Pitoscia, Clerk)

2023 August Board Meeting



ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough: Supervisor, Dick Dillon: Supervisor, Gary Mantay: Supervisor, Jenae Pitoscia: Clerk, Mary Hellman: Deputy Clerk, Ray Barnes: Deputy Clerk

Guests: Leianne Knoll Krajewski, Ryan Krajewski, Bill Taft, Jim Taft, Junal Josephson, Alan Josephson, Jeanne Severin, Kent Hoffman, Susan Forbragd, Joseph Lupler, Lea Bourn, Jennifer Werner, Will Werner, William Bailey, Kari Norman, Tyler Norman, Matt Wallner, Mike Siers

            *Please note that there was an additional guest in attendance, however the clerk was not able to determine the name based on sign-up sheet.

JULY 2023 MINUTES – Dick made motion to approve July meeting minutes. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $3116.83. This transfer amount includes potential fine from state for not reporting unemployment wages quarterly. Donna to determine if this could be waived. If she can get fee waived then transfer of $2866.83 would be needed. Check numbers 8603-8616. PERA EFT $54.00. Gary made motion accept transfer of funds totaling $3116.83. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


RECYCLING: Jan: Township received the 2023 recycling grant from WLSSD grant for $4974.36. That will take care of township for the 12 months. Those grant funds have been deposited. February is when we do the grant requests. WLSSD requires that we have detailed reporting on payouts of recycling. Jan will provide documentation to Jenae to assist with this reporting.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: Please sign up for ENEWS letter for communications about the township. We will continue to ask people to sign up.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: Pump training the last 2 weeks and will continue through 8/16. Township has new members that are working out well. Township is still looking for volunteers if any community members would like to join.

MAINTENACE: Dick: A contractor has been hired to seal coat the driveway. There is no date set yet. Once a date has been set, Jan will attempt to get the recycling dumpsters moved by WLSSD and Waste Management.

ROADS- Gary: Potential for fall grading if necessary


  • There will be a new voter registration system. This will be an electronic system called. PollPad. Ray and Sue had attended training.
  • Township will need to have Automark replaced. Omniballet will be replaced by the county free of charge to township. There will be training to come.
  • Pros and Cons will be sent from Ray to Jenae on how this could affect township.
  • Our township will most likely need 2 Pollpad units to accommodate our needs


            MN Department of Agriculture: Ray Barnes reported that a question came to him and Deb Pomroy from MN Department of Agriculture about ensuring our weed reporting is accurate for the township. Latest weed report shows that some weeds are located at a point rather than a polygon. The township has not received this communication from MNDOA.        

            Short Term Rentals (STR’s): The township hosted a public meeting on August 8th on STR to get public feedback on a proposed ordinance. Approximately 30 people were in attendance. No decisions were made this was strictly to get public opinion. No township officials were paid for this meeting. The areas of concern from the public consisted of the following:

  • Cost
  • Staff
  • Legal cost
  • Limiting future options for community members
  • If STR owners should live in township
  • Legal Council
  • Cost of administration
  • Restrictions of boats and dogs
  • Administration in general
  • Transparency in communications

There are some ideas on how we can better communicate with more people in the area. Some ideas include mail surveys with taxpayers in the area. There is a possible meeting with county commissioner about the man power of the county to address concerns regarding STR’s in the area. There is a potential to have a meeting alongside of Eagles Nest township with county commissioner in regards to STR’s.

Comments and Questions from today’s meeting attendees in regards to STR’s and the creation of the proposed ordinance were as follows:

  • Can everyone in the township vote on this potential ordnance?
    • Referendum could be a potential
  • What is the background of why this ordnance and committee set up?
    • Last fall some community members expressed some concerns on how the county was handling STR’s. There was not a concern on existing STR’s. The concern was with noise, septic’s and having to many STR’s on the lake. Denise Anderson was designated as a chair leader to go out and gain some information about STR’s with other members of the community. That led to a proposed ordinance that was the topic of the August 8th meeting.
  • Rules of the proposed ordinance were based on neighboring townships and current county rules and regulations. Items were removed that did not apply to our area
  • Concern was if the community would rather be proactive with community action or let the county continue to regulate STR’s on their own.
  • Main issues from community members on the committee were noise, possible future number of STR’s and respect to the community as a whole.
  • Would there be an issue with property values?
  • Would there be an issue with property taxes?
  • What is the potential for lawsuits for the township?
  • Community would like to have discussion with the county commissioner to listen to concerns.
  • Items on proposed draft ordinance were meant to be discussed with the public and get feedback from all community members.
  • Committee members reached out to others in the area on feedback before August 8th meeting and were not able to get any feedback.
  • County established regulations on STR’s in 2020, but the COVID pandemic delayed implementation.
  • Committee asked for public forum to ensure that public feedback was received.
  • If we do have an ordinance for STR’s does that make zoning and planning totally on the township’s responsibility?
    • The board does not want to take over all zoning and planning
  • Some citizens were not aware of the August 8th meeting
    • Was posted on the door and on website however the board would like to make improvements on communications on meetings for the future.
  • What are actual complains from the township on STR’s?
    • No complaints have been documented as of yet
  • Barrs Lake is zoned as multi-use on one side of the lake and residential on the other. Is there a potential to get this section rezoned?
  • Most of cost would come from attorneys.
  • MAT attorneys will only provide advice. Township would need to hire out an attorney on its own
  • Can a Lake Association be of assistance?
  • Is the Website up to date?
    • Does not state upcoming meetings. This is something that will need to be updated by the board.
  • Community members would like letter written or meeting set up to county in regards to STR’s and have community members ask questions.
  • Request was made to have board provide regular updates on STR ordinance progress
  • Committee’s in the future should have an unbiased group that accounts for all opinions and locations from the community members.
  • There are too many unanswered questions in regards to STR’s at this time from the board perspective to move forward and would like to see this tabled until further information, meetings and public feedback could be obtained.
  • Please send comments to board members at any time.
  • Please review Webpage at northstarmn.net

Dick made a motion to table this ordinance for 6 months. The board would like to have more information from the county before moving forward at all. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

Insurance: Ray Barnes reported that the township has received documentation on our MATIT insurance policy including cost. There is a copy of the old policy and the new policy to review.


UPCOMING EVENTS – Next Board Meeting:September 19th, 2023

ADJOURNMENT: Dick made motion to adjourn 7:20 PM Gary. 2nd . Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

2023 July Board Meeting

TOWN OF NORTH STAR       07/18/2023


ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough: Supervisor, Dick Dillon: Supervisor, Gary Mantay: Supervisor, Donna Elsbury: Treasurer, Jenae Pitoscia: Clerk, Mary Hellman: Deputy Clerk, Mike and Caroline Siers.

JUNE 2023 MINUTES – Updates required in RECYCLING and WEBPAGE/COMMUNICATIONS areas. Updated meeting minutes posted to webpage. Clerk needs to ensure that all meeting minutes are posted to the webpage after board approval. Dick made motion to accept June 2023 meeting minutes. 2nd Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $6680.29. Check numbers 8591-8602. PERA EFT $90.00. PERA was a bit higher this month due to extra supervisor meeting attended.  Dick made motion accept transfer of funds. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


  1. Board has submitted letter to WLSSD for grant. Should be coming soon.
  • Jan signed Employee forms required by the State of MN Department of Labor and Industry. These are required for all new or updates in employee status. These were completed for Jenae Pitoscia and Mary Hellman. Dick had question if this form will be needed for promotional changes. Answer is yes, any employee changes will require the form to be submitted.
  • CLC coverage from MATIT will show a slight increase of about $77.00 in premiums. Recycling shed is included in the premiums and was as of last year as well. Question if Isuzu truck should still be covered on the insurance. This can be removed. Donna will ensure that is removed from the coverage. “Contractors Equipment” coverage is stated to cover up to $20K on the policy. Question about what would be covered under this area. This will be clarified by Donna. Need clarification on fire truck that is on a lease to own contract. Not sure where this would fall in insurance. Need definition. It is a covered vehicle currently. Donna will get clarification. Board wants to ensure fire trucks are covered fully. There are 2 trucks currently a 2019 and a 2007. As stated in policy, “Comprehensive Coverage” is actual cash value or cost of repairs whichever is less and “Collision Coverage” is actual cash value or cost of repairs. No limit is stated in coverage. There is a copy of last years coverage vs this year’s coverage. Donna will be reviewing this closer.
  • Resolution for Emergency Services. This template form will be put in place for circumstances where a supervisor will need to complete work on behalf of the township. This will be to be put on file. An invoice will also be needed in this circumstance. Question from Jan on if we need this form filled out for every type of emergency service that should arise. This cannot be a blanket statement resolution. It needs to be specific to the job. An example of when this form would be used would be for emergency snow removal from the roof.
  • Still waiting on answer from MAT on monthly earning statements. There is an area in CTAS were we can provide this information.
  • Board would like to transfer responsibilities of Deputy Clerk to Mary Hellman and Clerk to Jenae Pitoscia.  Dick made motion to add Jenae as Clerk and Mary as Deputy Clerk as of July 18th. 2nd Gary Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.
  • Motion to add Jenae Pitoscia as a signer to the Board checking account and Credit card. Jan made motion to add Jenae to banking. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.
  1. Jenae and Donna will complete this process with the bank.


Board would like to thank Mary Hellman for her work as Clerk over the last 2 years. She has been instrumental in participating in the town board and has navigated many obstacles. She is stepping down from the Clerk position to the Deputy Clerk position as of July 18th. Board would like to thank Jenae for stepping in as Clerk. This news will be added to the board website.


  • A public meeting is scheduled for August 8th to discuss STR’s Notice will be in Enews and a notice will be posted on bulletin board as well.
  • Committee has put together a draft ordinance
  • There was an informational gathering with the County Planning director on June 23rd. In attendance were individuals from Pequaywan township and Eagles Nest township.
  • Many questions are still outstanding.
    • Is the county going to back any ordnance that the township puts in place?
    • Is the county going to continue to permit STR’s if we have an ordnance of our own that limits the amount of STR’s the board would like in the area?
    • Will the board need to take on additional duties on such as planning and zoning?
    • How will new ordnance be enforced?
    • Is there a potential for lawsuits against the township?
  • If an ordinance is in place the township will be required to manage it. That includes forms, review and decision making.
  • Board is requesting attorney review any ordnance put in place.
  • The committee has put the draft together based on the county’s regulation as well as limitations such as quiet times and fireworks. This is an ongoing draft and suggestions from the board and public and still needed.
  • Board agrees that limitations to the number of STR’s is needed.
  • There is an area on the County Planning webpage and see the permits that are currently in place for the area. It lists permit actions and dates.
  • Committee’s intention is to document rules and regulations for a base if issues arise from an STR.
  • Main enforcement would be to potentially pull a license if the regulations are not followed.
  • There is a county complaint form available to log issues with STR’s.
  • Mortarium is still in place with the county for STR’s, however there has been one issued while moratorium has been in place.
  • Jan would like committee to revise ordnance that would have county regulations added to our proposed ordnance with additional items added like limitations, quiet hours and fireworks. It needs to be comprehensive so we get the most feedback as possible from the public.
  • Proposed ordnance will be provided before the August 8th meeting for the public to review before and after meeting. This will be on the website and sent out with ENews. Feedback will be taken by the board up until August 15th. Comments should come to town board via email or at the August 8th meeting.
  • Jan to set up meeting with Paul McDonald.
  • If the township does have an ordnance for STR’s there would be cost involved. This could be a capped cost if needed.
  • Could extend moratorium on STR’s if needed

RECYCLING: Jan: Grant is in progress

WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: ENews update is in progress.

Updates Include:

  • There will be notice of August 8th meeting.
  • A reminder on land use enforcement.
  • Recycling.
  • Should be put notice in regards to brush pile? Dick stated that ENews needs to state that we still have a brush pile.  Individuals need to contact Gary Mantay in regards to brush pile.
  • New Clerk and New Deputy Clerk

FIRE – Rory/Gary: Fire department has 2-3 new members. Fire training is coming up for those new members. Pump training on July 19th. 1 call came in from logging equipment fire. Fire was contained to the equipment only.

MAINTENACE: Dick: Seal cost for parking lot has 1 quote for $5100.00. This cost includes cracks and sealing. Would need to contact WLSSD to move dumpsters so sealing can be completed. Pickle ball lines would cost additional $400. That is not needed as members of the community will complete after the sealing is completed. There is another quote coming in soon from Duluth Asphalt. Question from Dick is due to scheduling can he determine the best course of action. Gary made motion to allow Dick to determine who to hire based on another quote not to exceed $5500.00. 2nd Jan. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

ROADS- Gary: Road was graded week before last. Potential for fall grading if necessary




  • Donna to set up banking with Jenae
  • Jan to work on STR announcement and ENEWS
  • Dick to get seal coating done

UPCOMING EVENTS – August 8th public forum

August 15th is next board meeting

ADJOURNMENT: Dick made motion to adjourn 7:40 PM Gary. 2nd Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

2023 June Board Meeting

TOWN OF NORTH STAR       06/20/2023


ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough, Dick Dillon Gary Mantay. Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Clerk Jenae Pitoscia, Deputy Clerk Mary Hellman, Deputy Treasurer Ray Barnes, Mike and Caroline Siers.

MAY 2023 MINUTES – Updates made per feedback. Updated minutes provided. Dick: Motion to approve May minutes based on corrections. 2nd: Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $6241.65. Check numbers 8575-8590. PERA $54.00. 2nd Quarter IRS $796.88 Gary made motion accept transfer of funds. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

June 2023 Payroll Claims:  Dick made motion to accept. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

TRESURER COMMENTS: Donna: Check from DNR should be deposited to fire EMS. Check was for fire in gravel pit.

Certificate of Appointment for Deputy Town Clerk: Donna filled out form and Mary will need to sign off on.

The Board and Treasurer discussed the employee notices of employee pay rate to be given to employees once a year or whenever the pay rate changes.  This is required for staff, but not for elected officials (Board Members).  Treasurer would fill out a form for each employee (see guidance from MAT).  Treasurer Donna will contact MAT to find out if monthly earnings statements to staff are required as well.

Dick questioned process of determining how township will determine fair pay for supervisors in emergency situation. In emergency (very short notice) situations, the supervisors must quickly determine the cost of each service and estimate the cost and timeliness of bringing in an outside service provider.  Supervisors would be paid at or below standard contracted person per MAT (Minnesota Association of Townships). Annual resolution will allow for supervisors to step in, in these emergency situations.  Donna will develop the annual resolution and will develop a generic invoice form that can be used for multiple types of emergency services.

Final Town Levy: Forms reviewed and submitted in the past by Linda Britton. Clerk should be sending this in to county. County has not sent this form as of yet. No request from county that we need to send in. Donna to contact county on what is required for this process.

Payment for Jim Taft (plowing service) was covered from 11/2022 to April 2023. Need to have invoices sent monthly for plowing service to avoid issues in the future. Form will be provided.

Recycling Building has been added to insurance.

CLERK COMMENTS / CORRESPONDANCE- Mary/Jenae: Mary created a contract for lawn mowing services. This will be filed and saved for future use. These contacts will also be utilized for plowing, mowing grading etc. and kept on file.

SHORT TERM RENTAL PROPERTY: An information exchange forum has been set up with county Interim Director of Planning on Friday June 23rd 2023. This is informational only. Denise will be in attendance. Mary will take minutes. This will be an opportunity to learn about how the county permits, manages and enforces short term rentals, and discuss how a possible township ordinance on STRs would interact with county programs.

Updated document on STR (Short Term Rental) has been sent by Denise to Township Board. Committee requested to know if there are any further questions in regard to updated document. Does an STR (Short Term Rental) get classified as a homestead? Answer: No. Policy in regards to residential zoning areas. Has this been reviewed? This needs to be further researched.

Public forum on STR (Short Term Rental) will be scheduled after county meeting. This will also be available online for comments as well. 1-year moratorium is in effect in township in relation to STR’s (Short Term Rental). This will be put on ENews. informational postings and on website to share information with the public.

The Clerk was asked to contact MAT and our MATIT insurance agent to determine with MAT (Minnesota Association of Townships) if township insurance policy cover denial of a STR (Short Term Rental) permit. This will also be brought to county meeting as well.

RECYCLING: Jan: Grant has not yet been received as of yet. Recycling event went well. WLSSD individuals were at the town hall last Saturday to collect electronics and information on recycling plastic.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: Daisey Wallace has fixed the website issues. Cost was $50.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: 2 calls since last meeting. Brush fire in gravel pit on Pequaywan Lake Rd. DNR on site. Burned for several days but was contained. Another call on Barrs Lake Rd.

PERA retirement to be potentially increased without additional cost to township. Safe amount per person would be $800.00. Leaves township at 112% funded. Require a board approval for that amount. Will be sharing information with board members to see change. Would not take effect until first of the year. This would not be retroactive. This does not impact levy. Motion by Dick to accept the $800.00 increase to PERA. 2nd Jan. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

Turn out gear has been ordered. 3 sets total

Pancake breakfast made $1325.00 profit. 122 people in attendance

MAINTENACE: Dick: Still working on estimates for sealing of blacktop as well as crack filler by door.

ROADS: Gary: Midsummer grading on first section of road is a potential depending on how road holds up



REVIEW OF DUTIES: Mary to contact MAT on insurance. Public forum to be scheduled by Jan. Donna to contact county on levy documentation. Donna to prepare employee payroll documents.


JULY 18th next meeting

ADJOURNMENT: Motion to adjourn 7:31 PM Dick. 2nd Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

2023 MAY Board Meeting-Updated

TOWN OF NORTH STAR       05/16/2023


ATTENDANCE: Jan, Jenae, Dick, Gary, Mary, Sue, Ray

APRIL 2023 MINUTES – Review and Board approval. Ensure that yay and nays are properly documented and accounted for payroll or financial reports. Ensure that board’s approval is documented as well. Gary motion to accept notes. Jan 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye



TRANSFER – Ray reported Transfer amount of $4970.46 for checks #8562-8574. EFT’s for PERA $108.00. IRS quarterly tax payment $0.00. Gary motion to approve. Jan 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

Question on how many supervisors need to sign documentation on accounting for payroll. This is for filing purposes as well as to ensure review of hours and pay for clerk and accounting.

CLERK COMMENTS / CORRESPONDANCE- Mary/Jenae: Invitation to annual meeting and Election of the SLC Association of Township Officers May 24th in Cotton MN at 5:30 PM. Dinner included 6:30 PM.

Ray asked about communication on a new election machine and retiring current machine township has. Should be free of cost per Pequaywan Township communication.

RECYCLING – Jan. WLSSD June 10th will have open house at the townhall. Electronic item pickup will be part of that open house. Flyers will be distributed at the pancake breakfast to constituents. Potential of having them do a hazardous waste pickup time in the future.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNICATIONS REPORT – Jan: Sign up button for Enews is down and is not allowing for new individuals to sign up. Jan contacted Daisy Wallace, the clerk from Pequaywan Township, set us up for a stand-alone sign-up system to allow for new members to continue to sign up. Would be charging $25.00 per hour for set up. Estimation of hours to set up is about 3 hours. Dick made motion to pay up to $150.00 for this to get done. Gary 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

Enews was sent in regard to pancake breakfast and WLSSD open house on 5/16/2023.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: One member resigned. Gaining potential 3 new members. No burning permits currently. Sitting at Fire danger. Burning pile is reopened.

MAINTENACE: Lawn maintenance is going to be taken care of by Ken. Will create a contract for this service.

Emergency situations can be completed by board members if there is a statement on file that explains that members will work at or below a regular cost. This will need to be an annual resolution for supervisors to be able to complete functions due to emergency. When supervisor turns in a payroll request form needs to state that the work was completed at or below a typical contract.

ROADS: Gary: Roads were graded.


     SHORT TERM RENTAL PROPERTY – Email sent by Denise to group in regards to STR’s on 5/16/2023. Copy was provided. Meeting was scheduled with director of planning but was cancelled due to his resignation. Reschedule will happen at a later date TBD. Moratorium is still in place.

Question: Has committee revised the documentation in regards to ordinance? Board would like to see the updated documentation. Would also like to have discussion with the county. Would like to go to that meeting with the proposal in hand.

     CLERK DUTY’s- Discussion regarding the switching of duties between Mary and Jenae as Clerk and Deputy clerk. July meeting would be a potential date to change positions. Dick motion to make Jenae as Clerk and Mary as Deputy Clerk as of July Meeting. Gary 2nd. Approval unanimous. Mary will review trainings for a smooth transition. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

NEW BUSINESS- Gary/Jan:  Sealing of the blacktop needs to be completed.

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Jan to get web news operating. Donna is going to update credit union login. Mary will work with MAT on trainings. Dick will get estimates on sealing.



JUNE 20th next meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: 7:06 Motion by Gary. Dick 2nd. Approval unanimous.

2021 January Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR                712-770-4927/718924#

January 19, 2021

CALL TO ORDER – Janet Keoughcalled the meeting to order.  In attendance:  Supervisors Janet Keough, Dick Dillon and Gary Mantay, Treasurers Ray Barnes, Towanna Rovenko, Town Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman, Weed Inspector Deb Pomroy and Fire Chief Rory Blazevic


MINUTES APPROVAL –Dick Dillon requests removal of this text from December minutes:  Dick Dillon but requested they be consolidated/shortened in the future.    . Janet Keough confirmed the minutes should contain factual comments.  Dick Dillon made a motion to approve the December minutes, Gary Mantay second the motion, vote: Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye.  Minutes are approved with changes above.

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer $4,856.90 for claims #8156 – 8171, 010121, 010221, 010321, 010421.  Gary motion to accept, Dick seconds vote Gary aye, Dick aye, Janet aye.  Financial materials approved ****Dick made the motion to approve the transfer and Jan seconds the motion.   Vote: Dick aye, Gary aye Jan transfer from savings to checking

January 2021 Accounts Summary


Ray Barnes noted that training with Towanna is pending.  Janet Keough confirms that Towanna will have a Township laptop and printer by 2/1/2021.  Janet Keough suggests taking it to Best Buy to be cleaned if she is interested.

Carrie Landman reported all January 2021 quarterly/annual State and Federal filings have been completed including the 2020 W2’s.  She also reported that Dick Dillon is the sole candidate for the March 2021 Election.  Carrie Landman requested a motion to approve the election judges:  Gary Mantay, Bill Taft, Sue Forbragd  

Dick made the motion, Jan second the motion.  Vote: Dick, aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Linda Britton confirms she will ensure Sue is trained on how to file the election paperwork with the county.

Carrie also made a recommendation to purchase the fireproof storage cabinet for document archive from Camping World/Gander for $400.  Dick suggests that he and Gary can move it.  Jan makes a motion to purchase the cabinet. Dick second the motion to purchase and he and Gary will pick it up.  Gary will pay for it on his Township credit card.  Vote Dick aye, Gary aye and Jan aye.  Carrie to call and confirm and put Township name on one and confirm with Dick and Gary. 

Carrie Landman reports she now has a Town of North Star notary stamp. Linda Britton reports that she will work with Carrie Landman on the election transition

CORRESPONDENCE – Duluth School Board resolution – combined polling place – Lakewood Town Hall.  Jan suggests putting it in future Township email communication possibly 3rd quarter.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory reports there have been no calls.  They’ve ordered three sets of turnout gear but there is a backlog.  In addition, all classes for Firefighter 1 and 2 have been postponed.  EMT training at has been postponed until March and will be re-evaluated at that time  Rory reported that some EMT members have received COVID19 vaccines.  Linda asks about Fire training, but it’s still on hold.  Rory suggests that after the second round of vaccinations training might be able to resume.  Ray requests Rory write a thank you letter to CLP and include how the grant money was spent.  Rory would like to include photos of members in their gear.  Ray says they read the thank you letters at their Operation Round Up meeting and it gets published in their member manual.  Carrie Landman asks Rory if he has retrieved the MN Depart of Revenue 2020 Fire Equipment Certification for Fire State Aid Payable in 2021 which requires Rory to fill out, sign and return by 3/15/2021.

MAINTENANCE –  Dick Dillon reports a potential candidate for Weed Inspector. Janet reports she can communicate with the Pequaywan Garden Club for potential candidates. Todd Signs took down and is working on the new sign!

RECYCLING  –  Janet reports that Ray provided the report for the 2020 Recycling grant. 

ROAD –  Gary Mantay reported they moved a 200-pound boulder to ensure the snow plow wouldn’t hit it.  The roads are still slippery.

WEBPAGE REPORT  Carrie reported 35 email sign-ups received since form went live and newsletter went out at the end of December. 

COMMUNICATION REPORT  – Carrie Landman researching email service providers (ESP).  A system the Township can use to send emails to the residents who have signed up to receive emails.  Carrie reports the benefits to using an email system to send emails:  email design templates, protecting the @northstartownship.org domain, manage resident opt outs.  Jan also reported using a email system makes it easy to track bad emails and our email communication will display well on both a computer and smart phone.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS –  Carrie Landman reported that she is working with Linda on access to her Google docs and will coordinate with Towanna on a Cloud/Web based storage solution for important documents.

Janet brought up the March Annual Meeting and whether or not the meeting can be held in person.  Jan would like to suggest that due to COVID North Star Township have a ‘remote’ Annual meeting via telephone where the election results and 2020 Audit Report would be shared with those attending the remote meeting.  Linda reported that the decision to hold the annual meeting ‘remotely’ is not up to the Board but the residents.  Towanna Rovenko suggested sending a print, email and message board posting communication to the residents requesting that, due to COVID19, whether the meeting should be held in person, with limited capacity at the Town Hall or by telephone with a continuation of the meeting in June or July when the weather permits outdoor seating.  The communication will include that March Election voting will be held in person at the Hall.  Jan will do research with both the Minnesota Association of Townships to see if the communication is permitted and also with neighboring townships to see how they are handling the Annual Meeting.  Residents have to be notified of the Annual Meeting by 2/28/2021.

NEW BUSINESS –  No new business

REVIEW OF DUTIES –  Dick and Gary to purchase, pick up and deliver the fireproof safe after Carrie Landman calls to confirm availability, Rory write the CLP thank you, Jan finish and send the recycling grant report, Janet will contact MAT and other Townships regarding Annual Meeting.  Carrie to post the 2022 Budget Meeting notice.


Audit meeting January 27, 2021 6:30 pm:  signs posted on message boards   Janet will not be able to attend.  Gary and Dick will do the Audit meeting.

2022 Budget meeting February 8, 2021 6:30 pm Carrie Landman to post 10 days before the meeting

NEXT MEETING      February 16, 2021 (Tuesday due to 2/15/2021 holiday)

ADJOURNMENT   Janet adjourns meeting at 7:22 pm

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk in training