2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

Date | time 3/14/2023 | Meeting called to order by Mary Hellman

In Attendance

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Pledge of Allegiance



Motion for Rod Saline to moderate Meeting; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Approval of Previous Year 2022 Meeting Minutes

Motion to waive the reading of the previous year meeting minutes; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Motion approved

March 8th 2022

2023 Review of meeting minutes will commence March 12th 2024

Election Results

15 Votes Gary Mantay

4 Votes Bill Bailey

Gary Mantay winner

Reading & Approval of Board of Audit Report

Supervisors completed audit of Treasurer and Clerk Books for 2022. End of year figures are on cash control statement for year end 2022.

General Fund              $47,973.03

Road and Bridge         $17,441.66

Fire EMS                     $27,351.84

Fire Donations            $3,909.66        

Building                      $8,355.84

Recycling                    $2,779.13

ARPA Funds               $21,200.00                   

Total                            $129,011.91

Questions? None

Motion to Approve Audit; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Motion Approved

2024 Proposed Budget Review

Budget consisted of 2022 Actual, 2023 Budget and 2024 Proposed Budget for upcoming year.

Question: How was 2022 in comparison to the budget.

Answer: We overspent. Budget was reviewed and updated based on calculations of past budgeted amounts to better fit where the actual expenses are. This was done to fit the expense and fund that it came from. Example is Communications WIFI. It was moved from” building” to “general” fund.

Comment: Comparatively speaking budget looks good in terms of other years that have been created.

Question: Can anyone answer what happens when we overspend? Where does that money come from?

Answer: We have monies in reserve. We are not overspending in term of dollars. We are overspending based on budgeted numbers. Funding does cover those expenses.

Question: It looks like the budget from 2022 to the proposed budget of 2024 has increased by about 10K. Is that correct?

Answer: Yes

Question: Is there any areas that are significantly increased?

Answer: Most of the increases are coming from the clerk and treasurer salary. It has taken more hours to complete the work. Raises were also given. More elections are also coming up in 2024. This equates to more funds required for those elections. Increase in budget from propane cost, snow plowing and building maintenance.

Question: Looks like not all receipts are not property tax. How much of the receipts of the 109K is from real-estate taxes?

Answer: 21,200 is ARPA (Covid Funds), Recycling$ 4889.31 was a grant from WLSSD. $63,993.00 is the funding by taxes.

Motion to Approve 2024 Budget; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Motion Passed

Road Report

More gravel work will be done this year. 2 culverts on east side will need to be replaced. County has asked to do more brushing. Pretty standard maintenance this year.

Questions? None

Fire Report

12 Calls over the last year

1 Fire Call

Working on purchasing some new turn out gear and replacing other items that are worn. CPR training will be coming up in the spring and pancake breakfast is in the works. We are also looking for members especially on the fire side.

Questions? None

Items of Concern

Short Term Rentals

  • Committee to address issues with STR’s
  • Denise Anderson, Ryan, Mike and Carolyn
  • Talked with other townships to determine what can be done
    • Number of rentals
    • Quiet Hours
    • Max Guest Count
    • Event Hosting
    • Watercraft
    • Parking
    • RV
    • Garbage
    • Campers
    • EMS, Fire call bills
    • Evocation of Permit
    • Length of Permit
    • Fishing
    • Owner response time
    • Invasive species
    • Burning
    • Pets
    • Fireworks
    • ATV
    • Private property
    • Enforcement
    • Insurance
      • County requires applicants name county as additional insured. Covers county in case of legal issue. Should liability insurance also have the name of township?

Question: How can we enforce our rules?

Answer: This is still being worked out. There is a moratorium in place for 1 year starting in January. 1 Property does have a permit on Barrs Lake. Property owner is required to follow county and township rules if the township has them. Our township rules can be stricter than the county.

Question: Is there a timeline on decision making and reporting back?

Answer: We would like to have this completed sooner rather than later. Our rules will need to be followed when they are created.

Question: Should we have townspeople vote on the committee policy in regards to STR?

Answer: That is the general consensus that it would be voted on by the township.

There are other townships that are going though the same issues in regard to how to put together policies and procedures for Short Term Rentals (STR’s)

Motion: To support the STR Committee to move forward; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Motion Passed


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  • No fiberoptic yet
    • ROI is not there yet
    • Broadband grants are in process
    • Looking for individuals to assist in efforts to get this service.

CLP Annual Meeting

  • April 19th
  • 6:00 PM
  • Two Harbors High School

Motion: Set meeting for March 12th 2024 for next annual Meeting; Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Motion Passed

Motion to Adjourn

Dick, Aye; Jan, Aye; Gary, Aye

Meeting Minutes completed: Jenae Pitoscia 3/16/2023