June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Date- June 21, 2022

CALL TO ORDER- Dick Dillon called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE- All in attendance recited the Pledge

ATTENDING – Supervisors Dick Dillon and Gary Mantay. Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Clerk Mary Hellman, Fire Chief Rory Blazevic, Ray Barnes, visitors Bruce Olsen, Katherine Mongan-Rallis, Denise Anderson.  Absent: Supervisor Jan Keough/vacation.

MAY 2022 MINUTES REVIEW AND APPROVAL – Gary motioned to accept the May 2022 minutes with correction. Dick seconded. All ayes.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Gary motioned to accept the payroll and claims.  Dick seconded. Gary – aye. Dick -aye.


No transfer needed for checks, due to other deposits from WLSSD grant and fire department donations per Donna, treasurer.  All were covered.

The  EFT #060122 amount for  PERA was _$108.00_.


June 2022 Financial Report


Clerk – Mary

  • Jan Keough is on vacation and will be absent from this meeting.
  • Election Update – Mary H. and Sue F. attended Clerk and Administration Training on June 9th

Current Judges and 3 new Judges to be trained on new SLC Election Judge and Ballot Machine Operation videos on-line as available. Cost is $11/person to access videos. Mary requested board to allow the Election Judges to have access to these videos.  Dick made a motion to allow election judges to have access to training videos at this cost.  Gary seconded.  Vote: Dick -aye, Gary – aye.

Treasurer – Donna

  • ARPA

Donna addressed the ARPA request for all recipients to provide reports on funds. The system was delayed and difficult to access. Donna got access to the site through MATT and was able to sign for: 1) NEU award report, 2) Title 5 Insurance, and 3) 2019 Budget.

  • Donna completed the State of MN Census questionnaire and provided them with the current info for the time frame requested.


The Propane from Superior Fuel was discussed. The offer was $1.849/gal for fixed price up to 6000 gal. Starting date: 7/1/2022. Ending date: 6/30/2025.

Dick motioned to accept this contract and rates.  Gary seconded. Vote: Dick – aye, Gary – aye. Vote:  All ayes.

This offer was discussed by the board, and they were not interested in it this year.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory Blazevic, Chief

  • Pancake Breakfast = The Pancake Breakfast was a great success!  Rory wanted to thank all those who helped and those who came to enjoy the food and support the Fire Department.
  • 195 people ate breakfast (adults and children), +donations.

Total monies brought in minus expenses = $1382.00


  • Furnace not working well. General Heating came and found faulty ignitor.
  • Indoor flag pole in poor shape. Topper broken, clerk to find replacement topper.
  • Town is in need of a person to mow the lawn.  Gary reported that Ken Rovenko was interested.  Dick made a motion that Ken R. do the job at the rate of $18.00/hr.

Gary seconded. Vote: Gary – aye, Dick – aye. Gary will follow up with Ken.

RECYCLING – reported by Mary for Jan

  • WLSSD Grant Funds check received for amount of $4885.78.
  • a young bear (caught on the cameras) broke into the back of one of the recycling dumpsters by pulling off a heavy plastic access door and pulled out a mess of stuff.  Bill Taft was able to put the access door back on.  WLSSD and Waste Management has been informed.  Someone dumped a couple of cardboard boxes between the dumpsters, with a new grass catcher for a mower in a box, but Ray hasn’t yet been able to get a good picture of the culprit.

ROADS – Gary Mantay

  • Township Rd was graded by Rory. It looks good.
  • Gary will be measuring for a new culvert that needs replacing on the East side of Briar Lake.
  • The re-sealing of the town hall/FD parking lot discussed. It will be done next year – 2023.


  • Helen Mongan-Rallis has offered to set up a Facebook group page (closed to anyone outside North Star) as a way to help communicate among residents and seasonals.

Item tabled until next meeting.  Discussion followed. Tabled.

  • E-news email to go out after July 4th.  Any ideas for topics such as: Pancake breakfast participants, money brought in, etc.  Also, Primary Election information – judges, training. 


Discussion of this by board proved it to be a good date as the hall was not reserved. Advertising for this will include posting it in the Enewsletter and the Website.  This will be only open to North Star Township residents.

  • Board reviewed updated Weed Inspector Contract.  Dick motioned to accept the updated Weed Inspector Contract, Gary seconded. Vote – All ayes.  Tim Walters to review and also sign if in agreement. Clerk to follow up.


  • Citizens concerned about Barrs Lake properties used for vacation rentals, and Invasive Species brought in from boats launched from those properties.  Clerk to follow-up.


  • Gary to get gas for lawn mowing at the hall and follow up with Ken.
  • Dick to check into generator maintenance
  • Mary to follow up with Tim on Weed inspector contract, other info for plant identification from DP


NEXT TOWN BOARD MEETING – July 19, 2022 at 6:30 pm at North Star Town Hall

ADJOURNMENT – Gary motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 pm. Dick seconded. All ayes.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Mary Hellman, Clerk