July 2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Date- 7/19/2022

ATTENDING – Supervisors: Richard Dillon, Jan Keough, Gary Mantay, Treasurer: Donna Elsbury, Deputy Treasurer Ray Barnes, Clerk: Mary Hellman, Fire Chief Rory Blazevik

Guests: Bruce Olsen


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All Present recited to Pledge to the Flag

JUNE 2022 MINUTES REVIEW AND APPROVAL – Gary made a motion to accept the June 2022 Board Meeting Minutes as read; Dick seconded.  All ayes.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Jan made a motion to accept the payroll and claims. Gary seconded the motion. Vote: Jan – aye, Gary -aye, Dick – aye.

TRANSFER – Donna reported the ARPA Transfer amount of $10,600.37

for checks #8407-8418.   EFTs / PERA – $56.76, IRS -$896.86.


July 2022 Financial Report


  • MATIT- Donna reported communication from MATIT stated that they will be using an “in-house server” with changes in software for efficiency in submitting claim changes. 
  • Mileage Increase- the amount for government travel costs has been increased to 62.5 cents per mile.  Dick made a motion for the township to accept the new amount recommended by the state.  Jan seconded. Vote: Dick – aye, Jan – aye, Gary -aye.
  • Junk left on the Corner of Barrs/Briar Lk/Hwy 44 – this seems to be an on-going problem.  It looks terrible and is not being thrown away by the people who leave it there.  The board discussed placing a sign there stating Do Not Leave Garbage or Junk Here.  Dick made a motion to have this done and Gary seconded.  Vote: All ayes. Clerk to follow through.


PRIMARY ELECTION UPDATE:  Mary and Sue to attend continued Clerk/Head Judge Training on Wednesday, 7/20/22. Email Communication from St. Louis County included an Election Judge Video and Ballot Machine Instructional Video which were forwarded to all Judges.  There will be a training at North Star Hall on July 28th at 1:00 pm to review the SLC video info and also get ready for the Public Accuracy Test on Monday, Aug. 1st at 1:00 pm.  This Test Info has been published in the DNT as required. Judges are asked to be present to have a hands-on learning session for the real Primary.

CORRESPONDENCE – The Spring Lake Association has requested to use the Hall on Sept. 3 for a meeting.  Pam Stocco will let us know what time.  No other requests have been made to use the hall at that time. Clerk to record on calendar and arrange to have door open.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory reported that it has been an unusually quiet year for the NSFD.  They were declined for the CLP grant.  Rory stated that they will still be using ARPA funds to purchase firefighting equipment, such as outfitting the firefighters with SCBAs and radios. This fall the FD will check the fire hydrant in our township.

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported that he and Gary will check the generator as it has been malfunctioning.  They do not know what the problem is yet.  The women’s bathroom door stopper is not holding the door and may need to be replaced.   

RECYCLING The recycling grant check has arrived. Jan reported there was a surplus of cardboard after the 4th of July.  The sign on Hwy 44 needs to have the recycling time corrected to “9 – 12” instead of “9 – 2”.  Dick will correct.

ROADS – Gary stated that the township road will be graded this fall.  Rory added that he could do one more light grading before the main on in the fall to help maintain it.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNICATIONS REPORT – Jan completed write-ups for the Enewsletter and Carrie put it online right after the 4th of July.  Jan and Donna worked together to get the financial report posted on the website with each month’s board minutes.


Citizens from Barrs Lake expressed concern about the use of lake properties for vacation rentals, Air B&B, etc. and Aquatic Invasive Species being brought in from these rental units’ boats, etc.  How can this be controlled?

The best place to start is the St. Louis County Planning and Zoning webpage and look under the Maps tab to see how areas are Zoned.

Then the clerk followed up on this by calling St. Louis County Planning and Zoning and talked with Donald Rigney, staff member.  He stated that a complaint form can be submitted to that office regarding problems.  He also said that the Rental Owners must have a “guest booklet” with information regarding local AI Species and how to avoid spreading them.

2 maps were provided regarding the Barrs Lake area and it shows 1) that on Barrs Lake, there are both Shoreland Mixed Use 7, and Residential 5, both of which can have rentals on them. 2) and that the Town of North Star Area is Administered by St. Louis County.

Donald welcomed questions from any residents and gave his email:


WEED INSPECTOR – Ray brought a report to pass on to Tim regarding Ground Truthing for weed reports from our area and others.  It would be helpful to have clearer pictures.

WELL WATER TESTING – Bruce Olsen came to the board meeting to answer any questions about the Free Well Water Testing to be done at NS Hall on Sept 1, 2022.  He said that he would expect about 30-40 people to come from our Township.  He has testers lined up for that date.


REVIEW OF DUTIES – This information that needs to be put in eNewsletter:  Zoning and Land Use, Air B&B’s;Invasive Aquatic Species control and St. Louis County Contact: Donald Rigney. 


Public Accuracy Test for DS200 Ballot Machine, Auto-mark Machine at North Star Hall – Aug. 1st at 1pm

Primary Election – August 9, 2022.  Poll open at Town of North Star Hall from 7 am – 8 pm.  

Free Well Water Testing Clinic for NS Property Owners – Thursday, Sept. 1st from 1 – 6 pm

NEXT TOWN BOARD MEETING – August16, 2022 at 6:30 p.m., NS Hall

ADJOURNMENT – at 7:30 pm.

Motion to Adjourn by Gary, seconded by Dick. All ayes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Hellman, clerk