2021 January Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR                712-770-4927/718924#

January 19, 2021

CALL TO ORDER – Janet Keoughcalled the meeting to order.  In attendance:  Supervisors Janet Keough, Dick Dillon and Gary Mantay, Treasurers Ray Barnes, Towanna Rovenko, Town Clerks Linda Britton and Carrie Landman, Weed Inspector Deb Pomroy and Fire Chief Rory Blazevic


MINUTES APPROVAL –Dick Dillon requests removal of this text from December minutes:  Dick Dillon but requested they be consolidated/shortened in the future.    . Janet Keough confirmed the minutes should contain factual comments.  Dick Dillon made a motion to approve the December minutes, Gary Mantay second the motion, vote: Gary aye, Dick aye, Jan aye.  Minutes are approved with changes above.

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer $4,856.90 for claims #8156 – 8171, 010121, 010221, 010321, 010421.  Gary motion to accept, Dick seconds vote Gary aye, Dick aye, Janet aye.  Financial materials approved ****Dick made the motion to approve the transfer and Jan seconds the motion.   Vote: Dick aye, Gary aye Jan transfer from savings to checking

January 2021 Accounts Summary


Ray Barnes noted that training with Towanna is pending.  Janet Keough confirms that Towanna will have a Township laptop and printer by 2/1/2021.  Janet Keough suggests taking it to Best Buy to be cleaned if she is interested.

Carrie Landman reported all January 2021 quarterly/annual State and Federal filings have been completed including the 2020 W2’s.  She also reported that Dick Dillon is the sole candidate for the March 2021 Election.  Carrie Landman requested a motion to approve the election judges:  Gary Mantay, Bill Taft, Sue Forbragd  

Dick made the motion, Jan second the motion.  Vote: Dick, aye, Gary aye, Jan aye.  Linda Britton confirms she will ensure Sue is trained on how to file the election paperwork with the county.

Carrie also made a recommendation to purchase the fireproof storage cabinet for document archive from Camping World/Gander for $400.  Dick suggests that he and Gary can move it.  Jan makes a motion to purchase the cabinet. Dick second the motion to purchase and he and Gary will pick it up.  Gary will pay for it on his Township credit card.  Vote Dick aye, Gary aye and Jan aye.  Carrie to call and confirm and put Township name on one and confirm with Dick and Gary. 

Carrie Landman reports she now has a Town of North Star notary stamp. Linda Britton reports that she will work with Carrie Landman on the election transition

CORRESPONDENCE – Duluth School Board resolution – combined polling place – Lakewood Town Hall.  Jan suggests putting it in future Township email communication possibly 3rd quarter.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory reports there have been no calls.  They’ve ordered three sets of turnout gear but there is a backlog.  In addition, all classes for Firefighter 1 and 2 have been postponed.  EMT training at has been postponed until March and will be re-evaluated at that time  Rory reported that some EMT members have received COVID19 vaccines.  Linda asks about Fire training, but it’s still on hold.  Rory suggests that after the second round of vaccinations training might be able to resume.  Ray requests Rory write a thank you letter to CLP and include how the grant money was spent.  Rory would like to include photos of members in their gear.  Ray says they read the thank you letters at their Operation Round Up meeting and it gets published in their member manual.  Carrie Landman asks Rory if he has retrieved the MN Depart of Revenue 2020 Fire Equipment Certification for Fire State Aid Payable in 2021 which requires Rory to fill out, sign and return by 3/15/2021.

MAINTENANCE –  Dick Dillon reports a potential candidate for Weed Inspector. Janet reports she can communicate with the Pequaywan Garden Club for potential candidates. Todd Signs took down and is working on the new sign!

RECYCLING  –  Janet reports that Ray provided the report for the 2020 Recycling grant. 

ROAD –  Gary Mantay reported they moved a 200-pound boulder to ensure the snow plow wouldn’t hit it.  The roads are still slippery.

WEBPAGE REPORT  Carrie reported 35 email sign-ups received since form went live and newsletter went out at the end of December. 

COMMUNICATION REPORT  – Carrie Landman researching email service providers (ESP).  A system the Township can use to send emails to the residents who have signed up to receive emails.  Carrie reports the benefits to using an email system to send emails:  email design templates, protecting the @northstartownship.org domain, manage resident opt outs.  Jan also reported using a email system makes it easy to track bad emails and our email communication will display well on both a computer and smart phone.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS –  Carrie Landman reported that she is working with Linda on access to her Google docs and will coordinate with Towanna on a Cloud/Web based storage solution for important documents.

Janet brought up the March Annual Meeting and whether or not the meeting can be held in person.  Jan would like to suggest that due to COVID North Star Township have a ‘remote’ Annual meeting via telephone where the election results and 2020 Audit Report would be shared with those attending the remote meeting.  Linda reported that the decision to hold the annual meeting ‘remotely’ is not up to the Board but the residents.  Towanna Rovenko suggested sending a print, email and message board posting communication to the residents requesting that, due to COVID19, whether the meeting should be held in person, with limited capacity at the Town Hall or by telephone with a continuation of the meeting in June or July when the weather permits outdoor seating.  The communication will include that March Election voting will be held in person at the Hall.  Jan will do research with both the Minnesota Association of Townships to see if the communication is permitted and also with neighboring townships to see how they are handling the Annual Meeting.  Residents have to be notified of the Annual Meeting by 2/28/2021.

NEW BUSINESS –  No new business

REVIEW OF DUTIES –  Dick and Gary to purchase, pick up and deliver the fireproof safe after Carrie Landman calls to confirm availability, Rory write the CLP thank you, Jan finish and send the recycling grant report, Janet will contact MAT and other Townships regarding Annual Meeting.  Carrie to post the 2022 Budget Meeting notice.


Audit meeting January 27, 2021 6:30 pm:  signs posted on message boards   Janet will not be able to attend.  Gary and Dick will do the Audit meeting.

2022 Budget meeting February 8, 2021 6:30 pm Carrie Landman to post 10 days before the meeting

NEXT MEETING      February 16, 2021 (Tuesday due to 2/15/2021 holiday)

ADJOURNMENT   Janet adjourns meeting at 7:22 pm

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman

Town Clerk in training