2021 October Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR               

October 19, 2021

CALL TO ORDER  –  Gary Mantay called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Gary Mantay, Rory Blazevic, Ray Barnes, Donna Elsbury, Sue Forbragd, Marv Forbragd, Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Mary Hellman and Carrie Landman.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – all present recited the pledge.

MINUTES APPROVAL – Dick motion, Jan seconds, all in favor aye.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Jan makes a motion to approve the payroll and claims, Dick seconds, no discussion.  All in favor: aye.

October 2021 Accounts Summary

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks 8270 – 8285 excluding check 8277 which was voided, but including 100121, 010221, 100221* and 100321 is $4,543.70.  The ARPA payment of $10,264.25 was deposited into the SCCU checking account in early October.  As a result, it is not necessary to transfer funds at this time although the ARPA funds will need to be accounted for, likely by using specific account codes in CTAS.


  • ARPA funds deposited $10,264.25
    • Funds will be distributed ½ this year and ½ in the summer of 2022
    • Funds have to be spent by 2023 or returned
    • There is uncertainty about what qualifies as an ARPA expenses
    • From September meeting, Ray suggests doing a claim to cover the new Wilson router once the funds arrive
    • Lost Township revenue?  Revenue should increase by 4.5% since 2019.  Ray, Donna, Carrie to research by the November meeting.
  • Q3 Federal 941 and MN Unemployment Insurance filings are ready to be filed by deadline of 10/31/2021
  • 2019 W2/W3 discrepancies pending.  Calling the SS office this month to obtain the 2019 W3 and find alternatives to receiving via fax.
  • Carrie requests Board approval for November 2021 Duluth Public School election judges:  Dick Dillon, Gary Mantay and Sue Forbragd.  Jan makes a motion to approve, Gary seconds, no discuss all in favor aye. 
  • Reminder Duluth Public Schools election on 11/2/2021 – Hall will be open for voting from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.
    • Absentee voting:  Handled by the Duluth Public School
  • Ray reports that the CD has turned over and the interest is less than half of what it was previously. 
  • Ray reports that Donna has had several days of training and will continue post October meeting.


FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory reports that the new fire truck is leaving on 10/20/2021 to be on display at a trade show at the DECC.  Rory has received several calls from individuals interested in the blueprint for the truck.  There have not been any calls.  Training at Spring Lake – had an issue getting a prime and water to the hydrant.  Rory is still working to get the volunteers into a EMT refresher program.  The volunteers are doing radio training with Pequaywan on 11/3/2021.

MAINTENANCE – The Hall needs a light bulb replaced.  Dick will take care of it.

RECYCLING – Jan has nothing to report. Everything is going well.

ROADS – Rory has completed the grading of the Barrs/Briar Lake Rd.  Dick would like to know if Rory is interested in cutting brush back 4 to 5 feet on the township road.  Rory can do it but it will be in 2022.  Rory also brought up a culvert on the East side that needs replacement it causes issues with grading and snow plowing.  Brushing and culvert replacement will be tabled until Spring 2022.


  • Report from Jan regarding contracting with Lee Kaplan, Town of Pequaywan.
    • Pequaywan has a website that is simple but effective.  Carrie and Jan had met with Lee a couple months ago.  Jan approached Lee about what it would take to duplicate it for North Star.  Lee felt he could create and migrate the information but Monthly Meeting would need to manually be moved.  Lee to provide a quote by the November meeting. 
  • Faster Solutions:  $3200 to build the website, migrate the information from the current website, setup and train on Word Press.  Additional $570 annually for Cloud hosting, support and maintenance



  • Clerk position.  Mary Hellman has applied to be the Clerk and Jan and Gary interviewed her a week ago.  She has the background to do it and is qualified.  She is interested in serving the Township.  Jan makes a motion to appoint the position of clerk to Mary Hellman and add her as a signer to all accounts at Superior Choice Credit Union, Gary seconds the motion.  All in favor, aye.  Dick abstains.   
  • Credit card change from former clerk Linda Britton pending appointment of new clerk.  The credit card transition will happen after Mary has a Township credit card. The access to the Card Member Services account is using the previous Clerk’s.
  • 2021 Annual Weed report – status?    Dick spoke to Tim Walters tonight and the report is forthcoming. 


  • Mary Hellman would like to purchase a ‘recorder’ for the monthly meetings.  Jan found one at Best Buy for $100.  Dick makes a motion for Gary to purchase the recorder at Best Buy for the Clerk.  Jan seconds, all in favor:  aye.

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Ray, Donna, Carrie to lost revenue, Jan to get a quote from Lee Kaplan, Dick replace lights, Gary to purchase a recorder, Ray to schedule an appointment at SCCU to get Donna added as a signer on the accounts.

UPCOMING EVENTS – Duluth Public School Board Election 11/2/2021 – 7am – 8pm

NEXT MEETING    November 16, 2021

ADJOURNMENT  – Dick makes a motion to adjourn, Jan seconds, no discussion, all in favor:  aye.

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman – Town Clerk