2021 September Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR               

September 20, 2021

CALL TO ORDER  –    Attending:  Gary Mantay, Dick Dillon, Janet Keough, Ray Barnes, Rory Blazevic, Donna Elsbury and Carrie Landman.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All those in attendance recited the pledge of allegiance.

MINUTES APPROVAL – August minutes.  Jan makes a motion, Dick seconds the motion, no discussion, all in favor aye. 

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Jan makes a motion, Dick seconds, no discussion, all in favor – aye.

September 2021 Accounts Summary

TRANSFER – Request approval to transfer $2906.43 from savings  to checking for checks 8261 -8269, 090121 and 090221.  Dick makes a motion to approve the transfer, Jan seconds, any discussion, all in favor – aye.


  • ARPA filing completed/submitted by MAT on 9/15/2021
    • Funds to be received via direct deposit or check – MAT said was no indication of the amount at the time of filing
      • Funds will be distributed ½ this year and ½ in the summer of 2022
    • Ray suggests doing a claim to cover the new Wilson router once the funds arrive
  • August PLT ($5253.10), Donation ($50.00), Disparity Aid ($590.00)


  • a request for data asking for the party affiliation of election judges

Our understanding is that the township does not need to provide the party affiliation of election judges

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Rory – two people have just completed EMR training.  State of MN will reimburse the Town of North Star.  There have been no calls.  Did training at the Spring Lake hydrant.  Rory reports he has not heard anything further about the State Fire Chiefs Council Annual Conference and using the NS Fire Truck.  

MAINTENANCE – Dick reports nothing has come to his attention. 

RECYCLING – Jan reports everything is going fine.  Been a busy summer, normally we have one or two weeks of 52 customers which tapers off, but has been 50 – 60 customers every week

ROADS – Rory has completed the grading of Barrs/Briar Lake Rds. 


  • Update from Carrie on Faster Solutions.
  • See attached options for website design, transfer of current web data and ongoing support
    • $275 monthly for two years includes website redesign/upgrade at the end of two years
    • $3200 flat fee for website redesign
      • Additional annual fee of $570 for support, maintenance, hosting
    • Carrie suggests the ARPA funds may qualify as this is communication to the residents
    • Ray said Daisy from Pequaywan would be interested in building a website for less
      • Ray will gather more information from Daisy before the October meeting
    • Jan supports having a professional service build and support the website
    • Discussion pending the October meeting


  • St Louis County Broadband Survey – The number of people who opened the email blast is pending.


  • Treasurer update
    • Jan reports that Donna Elsbury has expressed interest in the Treasurer position, she met with Ray and Jan in addition to meeting Gary.  Jan makes a motion to appoint the position of treasurer to Donna Elsbury and add her as a signer to all accounts at Superior Credit Union,  Dick seconds the motion.  All in favor, aye.
      • Donna is not able to meet on the third Monday meeting at 6:30.  Jan makes a motion to move the regular monthly meeting to the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30.  Dick seconds, no discussion, all in favor, aye.
    • Donna will start immediately with training both with Ray and MAT
    • Dick asks if Ray will consider being deputy treasurer and Ray confirms he will for a little while. 
    • Carrie to provide Donna the paperwork – W4
  • 2019 W2 & W3


  • Carrie to change credit card from former clerk Linda Britton for CLP and Superior Choice Credit Union
    • Supervisor/Clerk/Treasurer?
    • Carrie
  • Jan asks the status of the 2021 annual weed report.  Unknown at this time.
  • Carrie reports that due to both personal circumstances and the amount of day hours required by the clerk position she is giving her resignation. 

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Ray will meet with Daisy and also start training Donna.  Carrie to find election judges, Dick to talk to Tim about the weed report.  Carrie to change the CLP and Superior Fuel credit card from Linda to hers and notify Card Member Services to deactivate Linda Britton’s credit card.  Carrie to do an email with the posting for the Clerk position.


NEXT MEETING    October 19, 2021

ADJOURNMENT  – Jan makes a motion to adjourn, Dick seconds, all in favor aye.

Respectively submitted,

Carrie Landman – Town Clerk