2021 November Town Board Meeting Minutes

TOWN OF NORTH STAR               

2021 November Town Board Meeting Minutes

CALL TO ORDER  –  Gary Mantay called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Attending:  Gary Mantay, Rory Blazevic, Ray Barnes, Donna Elsbury, Sue Forbragd, Linda Britton, Marv Forbragd, Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Mary Hellman and Carrie Landman


MINUTES APPROVAL – Dick makes a motion to approve the October minutes with corrections, Jan seconds, all in favor aye.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Jan makes a motion to approve  the payroll and claims, all in favor aye.

November 2021 Financial Report

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks 8286 – 8303, 110121 and 110221 in the amount of $10,071.03.  Jan makes a motion to transfer from money market to savings, Dick seconds.  All in favor aye.


  • Donna has been signed up at Superior Choice Credit Union.  Ray has a form for Carrie to sign in December.  Donna will take over as Treasurer at the next meeting.  She put all the reports together for the November meeting. 
  • 2019 W2/W3 discrepancies pending – will check the former Clerks laptop.  Carrie/Mary to check.  Check the IRS website.   
  • Transition Training for new Clerk Mary: Carrie and Mary are working together on the various clerk responsibilities, including monthly meetings, posting responsibilities, financial/CTAS, elections. Mary reported that she attend the MAT clerk training with Lori Stalker which was extremely helpful and informative. MATR has a plethora of resources and will help Mary with future questions.


FIRE DEPARTMENT –  Gary reported that the volunteers have done some additional training, one call in November and Stacy is retiring. 

MAINTENANCE – Dick reports that one of the light ballasts in the Hall needs to be looked at Knight Electric and ceiling tiles to be replaced in the restroom.  Dick suggests the furnace in the Hall be checked the furnace runs when the thermostat is shut off.  Dick will contact General Heating & Mechanical.

RECYCLING – Jan reports the furnace in the recycle building needs to be replaced.  Quotes from DJ Solem.  The quotes are believed to include installation.

$720 to replace the “smart valve”

$1625 to replace the heater

Bill Taft was trying to get another bid but the vendor has not responded.  Jan makes a motion hire DJ Solem to replace the heater and ensure it is up to code. Dick seconds, all in favor aye.

ROADS – It is winter, roads are icy and slippery.

WEBPAGE REPORT  Jan contacted Lee Kaplan to build and transition the North Star website.  There will be a calendar, contact form, various sections for minutes, elections, fire department.  Ultimately the Clerk will post the content to the website.  Jan has committed to assembling the content for the new website launch. Lee suggests budgeting for additional dollars for Greenpress support.   There is $1820 in the 2022 communication budget.  1 year – $544 – $802 1-year cost:  $221.39 – $479 2 year +proposal attached

  • Jan makes a motion to accept the proposal, Dick seconds.  No other discussion, all in favor aye. 
Type of support  Year 1 cost/year Year 2 and beyond/year
Establish website (Kaplan)  $400 0
DreamPress Account  $144 $221.39
Tech Support (as needed In township budget  $258/y  Up to $258 Up to  $258
Total Estimate  $544 –  $802 $221.39 – $479


  • November Enewsletter to be sent to residents on 11/18/2021


  • Credit card change from former clerk Linda Britton pending appointment of new clerk.  The credit card transition will happen after Mary has a Township credit card.
  • 2021 Annual Weed report and Invoice from Tim Walters  – status? 
  • Mary Hellman – recorder for monthly meetings.  Mary received the recorder at tonight’s meeting. 


  • ARPA Project Expenditure Report due 4/30/2022 – no info yet, watch MAT
  • The Board presents Ray Barnes with a plaque and card acknowledging his years of service. 

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Dick to call General Heating and Mechanical, Jan will get signature line added to Lee Kaplan’s proposal and get it signed. 


NEXT MEETING    December 14, 2021

ADJOURNMENT  – Jan makes a motion to adjourn, Gary second.  All in favor aye.

Respectively submitted, Carrie Landman – Town Clerk