2021 December Minutes


December 2021 Meeting Minutes                 


CALL TO ORDER  –  Gary called the meeting to order at 6:30.  Attending:  Gary Mantay, Rory Blazevic, Donna Ellsbury, Ray Barnes, Marv and Sue Forbragd, Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Tim Walters, Carrie Landman and Mary Hellman.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance

MINUTES APPROVAL – Jan makes a motion to approve the November 2021 minutes with corrections, Dick second, any discussion, all in favor aye.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Dick make a motion to approve, Gary second, any discussion, all in favor aye.

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks $6,072.07.  Transfer amount is $5,735.94.  Dick makes a motion, Jan second, any discussion, all in favor aye. 

December 2021 Financial Summary


  • Tax apportionment $23,493.67 – See attached.
  • SLC 2021 Year End Advance – $382.44
  • ARP additional funds of $336.13 were deposited into our account on Nov. 23.
  • St. Louis County March Election deadline Dec.28, 2021
  • Carrie will pass on the clerk laptop /printer/files by end of December to Mary
  • New Credit Card from SCCU has been put in Mary’s name as new clerk and received.
  • Dick completed Board of Equalization and Appeal Training
  • Donna reported that Mary has signed all forms to be added to the SCCU accounts and Carrie has signed the form to be removed.
  • Mary reported that a resident is interested in becoming an election judge and she will work with the resident on training

CORRESPONDENCE = MAT Insurance annual paperwork and invoice reviewed. Dick noted that all three trucks are insured and wondered if the 1995 Isuzu truck needs full coverage. The amount for the 1995 truck insurance is $287 annual. Jan suggests selling the 1995 truck in 2022.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – Fire Chief Rory reported one medical call and volunteers are working on training.  Gary reports that the State of Minnesota has created insurance for volunteers that is offered to fire department members at no charge.  Gary provided the paperwork to Rory for review. 

MAINTENANCE – Dick reported that the light ballast is not worth replacing so the new lights are LED with no ballast.  Dick and Gary suggest that future light ballasts be replaced with LED bulbs.  Gary asks if the ARPA funds can be used to replace the ballast with LED.  Donna said some of the funds can be used for building things but she is unsure yet.  There are four or five resolutions that the State has provided and Donna will review the resolutions to determine if the light replacements qualify as ARPA spend. 

Dick reported that he is still waiting for General Heating to call back regarding the heat in the Hall.  The battery in the thermostat in the Fire Hall was dead and has been replaced. 

A plowing contract has been given to Jim Taft, as he has agreed to plow again this year for the township /recycling lot. 

RECYCLING – Jan reported that she attended the annual WLSSD meeting regarding the 2022 Grant.  The data for the report will be due in January and the grant request turned in at the end of February.  The good news is that bubble wrap can be recycled in 2022.  The furnace in the recycle building has been replaced.

ROADS – Gary reports that the roads are white and slippery.  Use caution and slow down.

WEBPAGE REPORT – The new North Star Township Website has been designed and the content has been uploaded.  Jan, Carrie, and Mary met with Lee Kaplan and he created a user manual.  Jan reported that she requested Mike delete the @northstartownship.org domain which resulted in the email being deleted.  Jan is coordinating with Mike on creating new emails for the clerk, treasurer and supervisor correspondence. 

Lee will need a replacement credit card for costs because Lee used Carrie’s card to pay for the new website domain.  

COMMUNICATION REPORT –  The November North Star Township eNewsletter was sent out. Of 61 recipients, 43 opened the newletter.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – 2019 Federal Filing update; Linda B. sent out copies of the 2019 W2 and W3 on 12/1/2020. 


VEGA 3 Grant – DS200.  Dick would like the Clerk to be trained fully on the DS200 before the mid-term election.  Jan would like the Clerk to have the representative come and make sure the equipment works before training.  Jan would like to add an item to the next enewsletter to ask residents to volunteer for election judges.  Carrie reported that Mary has the paperwork and the contact for training.

Tim Walters prepared and distributed the 2021 Annual Weed Report.  See attached.  Tim reported that the online form (eddmaps) is impressive and he submitted the report and the pictures on 12/21/2021.   Jan asked if Tim is interested in continuing in 2022.  Jan makes a motion to accept the 2021 Weed Inspection, Dick second, any discussion, all in favor aye.

2021 Weed Report

Jan reports that she is filing for the 2022 Supervisor position and has completed the application and will submit her filing fee.

Dick makes a motion for both the Treasurer and the Clerk to attend the MAT training on 1/25/2022 which covers the topics below.  All in favor, aye. 

  • Clerk/Treasurer Duties/Statutes
  • W-2’s, 1099’s, PERA
  • Board of Audit
  • PERA Exclusion
  • Annual Meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Reorganizational Meeting
  • CTAS/Accounting Procedures

REVIEW OF DUTIES:  Dick will call General Heating again about the Hall furnace. 

UPCOMING EVENTS – None at this time

NEXT MEETING – January 18, 2022   

ADJOURNMENT – Gary makes a motion to adjourn, Dick seconds the motion, all in favor aye.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Mary Hellman – Town Clerk