2022 January Minutes

January 2022 Board Meeting



CALL TO ORDER – Gary Mantay

ATTENDING – Supervisors Gary Mantay, Jan Keough, Dick Dillon, Treasurer Donna Elsbury, Clerk Mary Hellman. Guests Sue and Marv Forbragd, Linda Britton, Ray Barnes and Deb Pomroy

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE –All Present recited the Pledge of Allegiance

MINUTES APPROVAL – Motion to accept December 2021 Minutes with discussed corrections by Dick, second by Jan, all ayes.

REVIEW AND APPROVE PAYROLL AND CLAIMS – Motion made to accept Payroll and Claims by Dick, second by Gary. Dick, aye; Jan, aye; Gary, aye.

TRANSFER – Total amount of checks – $4628.88. Transfer of Funds amount is $3552.38 for checks 8321-8329, and auto payments 010122-010222.


January 2022 Financial Summary

  • A motion was made to set the Audit Meeting Date on Friday, January 28th, at 1:00 pm at the NS Hall by Dick, second by Jan, all ayes.
  • A motion was made to set the Budget Meeting Date was on February 8th, at 6:30 pm at the NS Hall by Jan, second by Gary, All ayes.
  • Annual Meeting – March 8, 2022 at 8:15 pm at the NS Hall, with Township Election voting to precede the meeting from 5:00-8:00pm. This date is predetermined by the state.
  • Mary presented a list of Election Judges available for the Annual Meeting Election; Sue Forbragd, Linda Britton, and Bill Taft. A motion to accept named election judges was made by Dick, second by Gary, all ayes.
  • Jan completed the Board of Equalization and Appeal Training.
  • Credit Card updates done.  CLP and Superior Fuel have been notified of new card #.   
  • St. Louis County March Election candidate filing deadline was December 28, 2021. Two people applied for candidacy for the Supervisor Position.
  • Carrie L., retiring clerk, passed the NS computer, files and supplies on to new clerk, Mary H.
  • Donna and Mary are registered to attend the Clerk/Treasurer Class provided by MAT in St. Michael, MN on January 25th.


FIRE DEPARTMENT – Gary reported the FD had annual department elections. Rory was voted in again as Fire Chief and Gary will be Assistant Chief. NSFD/EMS had 2 calls in December.

Fire Fighter Don McCormick passed away in December. Arrangements by FD made for Memorial Gift of $250 and a plaque. Gary to pick up the plaque from Stewart Wheel Goods and provide to Don’s wife Julie.  Funeral is January 22nd. Let Gary know if attending with the group.   


Town Hall Heater was cleaned and checked/tested by General Heating of Duluth with Dick and Gary present.   

RECYCLING – Jan completed the 2022 WLSSD grant for Designated Recycling Drop-off Center Operations for North Star Township.  The application identifies $5125.22 requested for operations of our Center.  The 2021 annual report defines a successful recycling program with growing participation by the community.

ROADS – Gary reported that the roads are white and slippery.

WEBPAGE REPORT Jan reported the Website is online.  Information is being added, and more to follow, such as election info and monthly Meeting Minutes. Mary is learning the process. 

COMMUNICATION REPORT – Carrie will be asked to bring the Enewsletter up to date with more township election information. Gary stated that the Fire Department is looking for a Grant Writer. The applicant(s) would not need to be active fire fighters or EMS per Rory, FD Chief.  Jan offered to make a draft of this for the Enewsletter.  Dick suggested that job benefits are included, and Linda suggested the requirements of belonging to the FD are listed.

New email addresses have been made for Township contacts for Donna/Treasurer and Mary/Clerk and will be used for online sites.


Lee Kaplan will need a replacement card for Website costs.

NEW BUSINESS – Deb Pomroy brought a packet of Weed Report information which should be helpful to Tim Walters, the new reporter. He still needs to finish the required reporting for 2021 to the website.  It appears that Tim may need to ensure that the 2021 Weed Report is complete in EDDMaps. Dick will contact him regarding this.   

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Gary will pick up Don’s plaque during the week before the funeral.

UPCOMING EVENTS – Audit Meeting is January 28th at 1:00 pm, Budget Meeting is February 8th at 6:30 pm. All meetings at North Star Town Hall.

NEXT BOARD MEETING – February 15, 2022

ADJOURNMENT – Jan made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:32 pm. Dick seconds, all ayes.

Respectively submitted,

Mary Hellman, Town Clerk