2023 July Board Meeting

TOWN OF NORTH STAR       07/18/2023


ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough: Supervisor, Dick Dillon: Supervisor, Gary Mantay: Supervisor, Donna Elsbury: Treasurer, Jenae Pitoscia: Clerk, Mary Hellman: Deputy Clerk, Mike and Caroline Siers.

JUNE 2023 MINUTES – Updates required in RECYCLING and WEBPAGE/COMMUNICATIONS areas. Updated meeting minutes posted to webpage. Clerk needs to ensure that all meeting minutes are posted to the webpage after board approval. Dick made motion to accept June 2023 meeting minutes. 2nd Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $6680.29. Check numbers 8591-8602. PERA EFT $90.00. PERA was a bit higher this month due to extra supervisor meeting attended.  Dick made motion accept transfer of funds. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


  1. Board has submitted letter to WLSSD for grant. Should be coming soon.
  • Jan signed Employee forms required by the State of MN Department of Labor and Industry. These are required for all new or updates in employee status. These were completed for Jenae Pitoscia and Mary Hellman. Dick had question if this form will be needed for promotional changes. Answer is yes, any employee changes will require the form to be submitted.
  • CLC coverage from MATIT will show a slight increase of about $77.00 in premiums. Recycling shed is included in the premiums and was as of last year as well. Question if Isuzu truck should still be covered on the insurance. This can be removed. Donna will ensure that is removed from the coverage. “Contractors Equipment” coverage is stated to cover up to $20K on the policy. Question about what would be covered under this area. This will be clarified by Donna. Need clarification on fire truck that is on a lease to own contract. Not sure where this would fall in insurance. Need definition. It is a covered vehicle currently. Donna will get clarification. Board wants to ensure fire trucks are covered fully. There are 2 trucks currently a 2019 and a 2007. As stated in policy, “Comprehensive Coverage” is actual cash value or cost of repairs whichever is less and “Collision Coverage” is actual cash value or cost of repairs. No limit is stated in coverage. There is a copy of last years coverage vs this year’s coverage. Donna will be reviewing this closer.
  • Resolution for Emergency Services. This template form will be put in place for circumstances where a supervisor will need to complete work on behalf of the township. This will be to be put on file. An invoice will also be needed in this circumstance. Question from Jan on if we need this form filled out for every type of emergency service that should arise. This cannot be a blanket statement resolution. It needs to be specific to the job. An example of when this form would be used would be for emergency snow removal from the roof.
  • Still waiting on answer from MAT on monthly earning statements. There is an area in CTAS were we can provide this information.
  • Board would like to transfer responsibilities of Deputy Clerk to Mary Hellman and Clerk to Jenae Pitoscia.  Dick made motion to add Jenae as Clerk and Mary as Deputy Clerk as of July 18th. 2nd Gary Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.
  • Motion to add Jenae Pitoscia as a signer to the Board checking account and Credit card. Jan made motion to add Jenae to banking. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.
  1. Jenae and Donna will complete this process with the bank.


Board would like to thank Mary Hellman for her work as Clerk over the last 2 years. She has been instrumental in participating in the town board and has navigated many obstacles. She is stepping down from the Clerk position to the Deputy Clerk position as of July 18th. Board would like to thank Jenae for stepping in as Clerk. This news will be added to the board website.


  • A public meeting is scheduled for August 8th to discuss STR’s Notice will be in Enews and a notice will be posted on bulletin board as well.
  • Committee has put together a draft ordinance
  • There was an informational gathering with the County Planning director on June 23rd. In attendance were individuals from Pequaywan township and Eagles Nest township.
  • Many questions are still outstanding.
    • Is the county going to back any ordnance that the township puts in place?
    • Is the county going to continue to permit STR’s if we have an ordnance of our own that limits the amount of STR’s the board would like in the area?
    • Will the board need to take on additional duties on such as planning and zoning?
    • How will new ordnance be enforced?
    • Is there a potential for lawsuits against the township?
  • If an ordinance is in place the township will be required to manage it. That includes forms, review and decision making.
  • Board is requesting attorney review any ordnance put in place.
  • The committee has put the draft together based on the county’s regulation as well as limitations such as quiet times and fireworks. This is an ongoing draft and suggestions from the board and public and still needed.
  • Board agrees that limitations to the number of STR’s is needed.
  • There is an area on the County Planning webpage and see the permits that are currently in place for the area. It lists permit actions and dates.
  • Committee’s intention is to document rules and regulations for a base if issues arise from an STR.
  • Main enforcement would be to potentially pull a license if the regulations are not followed.
  • There is a county complaint form available to log issues with STR’s.
  • Mortarium is still in place with the county for STR’s, however there has been one issued while moratorium has been in place.
  • Jan would like committee to revise ordnance that would have county regulations added to our proposed ordnance with additional items added like limitations, quiet hours and fireworks. It needs to be comprehensive so we get the most feedback as possible from the public.
  • Proposed ordnance will be provided before the August 8th meeting for the public to review before and after meeting. This will be on the website and sent out with ENews. Feedback will be taken by the board up until August 15th. Comments should come to town board via email or at the August 8th meeting.
  • Jan to set up meeting with Paul McDonald.
  • If the township does have an ordnance for STR’s there would be cost involved. This could be a capped cost if needed.
  • Could extend moratorium on STR’s if needed

RECYCLING: Jan: Grant is in progress

WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: ENews update is in progress.

Updates Include:

  • There will be notice of August 8th meeting.
  • A reminder on land use enforcement.
  • Recycling.
  • Should be put notice in regards to brush pile? Dick stated that ENews needs to state that we still have a brush pile.  Individuals need to contact Gary Mantay in regards to brush pile.
  • New Clerk and New Deputy Clerk

FIRE – Rory/Gary: Fire department has 2-3 new members. Fire training is coming up for those new members. Pump training on July 19th. 1 call came in from logging equipment fire. Fire was contained to the equipment only.

MAINTENACE: Dick: Seal cost for parking lot has 1 quote for $5100.00. This cost includes cracks and sealing. Would need to contact WLSSD to move dumpsters so sealing can be completed. Pickle ball lines would cost additional $400. That is not needed as members of the community will complete after the sealing is completed. There is another quote coming in soon from Duluth Asphalt. Question from Dick is due to scheduling can he determine the best course of action. Gary made motion to allow Dick to determine who to hire based on another quote not to exceed $5500.00. 2nd Jan. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

ROADS- Gary: Road was graded week before last. Potential for fall grading if necessary




  • Donna to set up banking with Jenae
  • Jan to work on STR announcement and ENEWS
  • Dick to get seal coating done

UPCOMING EVENTS – August 8th public forum

August 15th is next board meeting

ADJOURNMENT: Dick made motion to adjourn 7:40 PM Gary. 2nd Gary. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.