2023 MAY Board Meeting-Updated

TOWN OF NORTH STAR       05/16/2023


ATTENDANCE: Jan, Jenae, Dick, Gary, Mary, Sue, Ray

APRIL 2023 MINUTES – Review and Board approval. Ensure that yay and nays are properly documented and accounted for payroll or financial reports. Ensure that board’s approval is documented as well. Gary motion to accept notes. Jan 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye



TRANSFER – Ray reported Transfer amount of $4970.46 for checks #8562-8574. EFT’s for PERA $108.00. IRS quarterly tax payment $0.00. Gary motion to approve. Jan 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

Question on how many supervisors need to sign documentation on accounting for payroll. This is for filing purposes as well as to ensure review of hours and pay for clerk and accounting.

CLERK COMMENTS / CORRESPONDANCE- Mary/Jenae: Invitation to annual meeting and Election of the SLC Association of Township Officers May 24th in Cotton MN at 5:30 PM. Dinner included 6:30 PM.

Ray asked about communication on a new election machine and retiring current machine township has. Should be free of cost per Pequaywan Township communication.

RECYCLING – Jan. WLSSD June 10th will have open house at the townhall. Electronic item pickup will be part of that open house. Flyers will be distributed at the pancake breakfast to constituents. Potential of having them do a hazardous waste pickup time in the future.

WEBPAGE/COMMUNICATIONS REPORT – Jan: Sign up button for Enews is down and is not allowing for new individuals to sign up. Jan contacted Daisy Wallace, the clerk from Pequaywan Township, set us up for a stand-alone sign-up system to allow for new members to continue to sign up. Would be charging $25.00 per hour for set up. Estimation of hours to set up is about 3 hours. Dick made motion to pay up to $150.00 for this to get done. Gary 2nd. Approval unanimous. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

Enews was sent in regard to pancake breakfast and WLSSD open house on 5/16/2023.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: One member resigned. Gaining potential 3 new members. No burning permits currently. Sitting at Fire danger. Burning pile is reopened.

MAINTENACE: Lawn maintenance is going to be taken care of by Ken. Will create a contract for this service.

Emergency situations can be completed by board members if there is a statement on file that explains that members will work at or below a regular cost. This will need to be an annual resolution for supervisors to be able to complete functions due to emergency. When supervisor turns in a payroll request form needs to state that the work was completed at or below a typical contract.

ROADS: Gary: Roads were graded.


     SHORT TERM RENTAL PROPERTY – Email sent by Denise to group in regards to STR’s on 5/16/2023. Copy was provided. Meeting was scheduled with director of planning but was cancelled due to his resignation. Reschedule will happen at a later date TBD. Moratorium is still in place.

Question: Has committee revised the documentation in regards to ordinance? Board would like to see the updated documentation. Would also like to have discussion with the county. Would like to go to that meeting with the proposal in hand.

     CLERK DUTY’s- Discussion regarding the switching of duties between Mary and Jenae as Clerk and Deputy clerk. July meeting would be a potential date to change positions. Dick motion to make Jenae as Clerk and Mary as Deputy Clerk as of July Meeting. Gary 2nd. Approval unanimous. Mary will review trainings for a smooth transition. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye

NEW BUSINESS- Gary/Jan:  Sealing of the blacktop needs to be completed.

REVIEW OF DUTIES – Jan to get web news operating. Donna is going to update credit union login. Mary will work with MAT on trainings. Dick will get estimates on sealing.



JUNE 20th next meeting.

ADJOURNMENT: 7:06 Motion by Gary. Dick 2nd. Approval unanimous.