2023 November Board Meeting 11/21/2023


ATTENDANCE: Supervisors: Jan Keough: Supervisor, Dick Dillon: Supervisor, Gary Mantay: Supervisor, Jenae Pitoscia: Clerk, Mary Hellman: Deputy Clerk, Ray Barnes: Deputy Treasurer, Donna Elsbury: Treasurer, Rory Blazevic: Fire Chief

Guest: Natalie Zeleznikar

October 2023 MINUTES – Dick made motion to approve October meeting minutes. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


TRANSFER –Transfer amount $16,986.39 Check numbers 8644-8658. PERA EFT $54.00. Gary made motion accept transfer of funds. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

Banking Update: In process. We have applied online with NCCU for new credit cards. Need motion to borrow for the new cards. Jenae, Rory and Gary will all have cards. Dick made motion to pass the new credit cards. Gary 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.


Weed inspection form signed and sent to MN Department of Agriculture

Wild Fire Defense Grant open

Rice Lake Rd Resolution 2304. Resolution to put in round about system. Rice Lake looking for support from surrounding township. Gary made motion to approve resolution. Dick 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

St Louis County requested letter of support from Northstar Township supporting improvement of HWY 44. Plan is for 2026. Letter was sent in support


WEBPAGE/COMMUNIATIONS REPORT: Jan: Nothing to report other than updating information as necessary.

FIRE – Rory/Gary: 4 calls since last meeting all medical related. Helicopter landing zone training November 1st. Rory to try and attend the Wildfire Defense Grant meeting. We have been denied in the past but will continue to apply for future funds.

MAINTENACE: Dick: Generator was fixed but then went down again. It is the same problem and Hunt has been called to look at it again. We are also looking for other companies to look at generator. Furnace in garage bay is out. We need a new board for it. Potential fix is next week or early the following week. Brady Grey will be in charge of plowing this year. Dick to meet with him and show him exactly what the township is looking for. Rates will be the same as 2022/2023. We will need a contract in place. Gary made motion to hire. Dick 2nd. Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.

ROADS- Gary: Regraded road last weekend.

OLD BUSINESS –Broadband survey was sent out to residents. 218 surveys were sent. Cost was $253.86. Will see what the return is and provide update when we get back competed surveys. Potential to utilize grant funds from Inflation Reduction act of 652M for broadband. State is planning how to spend those funds. Jan and Rod met with State Representatives to potentially find resources to provide broadband in this area.

Survey Monkey could be a potential future use with surveys.

Data from STR Survey: 138 were returned. 62% of residents responding. We will post on website and Enews. Board is not making any decisions as of yet on the details. Still looking at other townships and data before any decisions will be made. Any decisions will be on hold as it was tabled until March.

GUEST: Natalie Zeleznikar: Community brought up issues of concern with Representative Zeleznikar. Those items consisted of:

  • Broadband
  • Roads and Bridges
  • EMS in rural areas
  • STR’s
  • Community Engagement

Representative Zeleznikar provided her cell number 218-409-6822 to communicate any ideas on these issues. Representative Zeleznikar is doing more research into STR’s and the rules and regulations that the county are in charge of. Representative Zeleznikar is also going to meet with the commissioner to dig more into the issues. Representative Zeleznikar is currently appointed to workforce committees such as, children and family, disability, and assisted living. Representative Zeleznikar is also working on corrections, especially for the youth.


Pickle Ball: Concern on if pickle ball should be played during recycling hours from 9AM-12PM. It has been a source of community engagement and community members are really enjoying this activity in the area. Is there another area to move the pickle ball court so it is not an issue while recycling is happening? This might be a good topic to bring to the annual meeting for community discussion. Concern on liability and if we need waivers signed to play. Community is encouraged to bring in alternative ideas on how community can gather. Women’s auxiliary was brought up as an idea to bring activities and engagement to the community.



Next Board Meeting:December 19th 2023

ADJOURNMENT: Dick made motion to adjourn 7:31 PM Gary. 2nd. Jan: Aye, Gary: Aye, Dick: Aye. Motion approved.